Posted by: Debra Kolkka | April 14, 2017

A shoe box

I am a big fan of the designs of Dolce & Gabbana, so I was delighted to find a pair of thongs (flip flops, not underwear) for less than half price at the Barberino outlet north of Florence.

When I told the sales person I would take them she said she would get the box. I told her I didn’t want the box. She looked surprised and said, “Signora, you will want the box” and went to get it.

She was correct, I did want the box…who could resist this??


The thongs also came with their own red satin travelling bag.

It seems a shame to put them on my feet and wear them in case they get dirty.


  1. Gorgeous. I have their eye frames and I LOVE the divine bag that they came in! You could hang them as art work. Enjoy!!!!

    • I have their sunglasses too and I love them.

  2. Oh my, those are precious! I never want the box either but I wouldn’t mind that one <3

    • I most definitely could not leave that box behind.

  3. I am a lover of D&G too so I am quite envious, these are beyond gorgeous, what a bargain, and they will go really well with your sunglasses! You will certainly look chic when you wear them.

    • The weather is warming up, so I will wear them soon.

  4. What an amazing find! And yes, the box is georgous.

    • Now I have to get it back to Australia.

  5. I want that box.

    • Come on over and buy some thongs.

  6. I don’t wear thongs but I would buy these for the box.

    • Well worth it and you could give the thongs away.

    • I might just buy a pair but will have to remember to leave room in my luggage for the box Roz

  7. Did you buy me a pair? Remember Lake Como?

    • I regret to say that I did not buy you a pair. What size are you? If we go back I will remedy that.

      • Size 9

  8. Ohh love those, And the box!

  9. They look more like a collector’s treasure rather than something to be worn. Enjoy!

    • It does seem a pity to wear them, but I will.

  10. Make the box into a handbag or clutch!! Too fabulous!! Lucky you!

  11. Wow, what a fabulous box! The thongs are a delight.

    • I love the box as much as the thongs.

  12. I think a specially made display shelf is in order…

    • That sounds like a plan.

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  14. OMG! They are so gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing and enjoy 🙂

    • I will enjoy wearing them…I must paint my toenails.

  15. BELLISIMA……..I have been to that CITTA………piccolo as it is.No idea there were outlets there……..but it has been YEARS!

    • Barberino Outlet is near Mugello, north of Florence. It is excellent.


  17. The box is every bit as cool as the flip flops.

    • The box is a work of art.

  18. They are very colourful. Not a big fan of D&G’s anti gay statements though.

    • You will see that I said I liked their designs. I didn’t agree with what they said either. All strange as they are both gay.

  19. How sad that when you wear the thongs you can’t see the design. They are gorgeous and the box is amazing!

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