Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 7, 2017

Trumped in Viareggio

I love to go to Viareggio to see the fabulous floats that take to the street at Carnevale time.

They are often a satirical take on politics. Donald Trump is an obvious target and his float was my favourite this year. The artists did a great job on his likeness.


I particularly liked his eyes…very lizard like.

Donald’s hair was spectacular. It pushed forward from his head like a wave. In fact the Statue of Liberty brandishing a gun surfed on a board from the end of his hair.


Carnevale Viareggio 2017

The float was led by a team dressed in red, white and blue.

Men on horseback were there too…with a native American in a cage.

A Mexican trio provided music.

At the top of the float 4 targets rotated in front of a gun toting cowboy.

Guns and violence were a theme.

The support team looked great.

Donald, please note the lack of an audience for you in the grandstand.

The float was, in fact, a huge success. (You pay extra to sit in the stand)

I will show you the other floats in the next post.





  1. Very Clever those Italians !! Loved it, made me laugh, but also it was very well done and so as I said, clever

    • I thought it was fabulous. I hope he gets to see what was done.

  2. Lots of imagination, artistry and humor. Well done!

    • There weren’t as many floats this year, but they were very good.

  3. Wow … a lot going on in that work … much more than I caught on first glance!

    • There are lots of people involved in each float. They are amazing.

  4. Absolutely spectacular!! I’m almost speechless with admiration – the
    depiction, dead on …. the talent, priceless!!

    • Months of work go into these floats.

  5. Hysterical! and just so sad…

    • Yes, the man is a fool. Let’s hope the next few years pass without too many disasters.

  6. Very clever so much going on! So much hard work and commitment. Good for them.

    • I hope someone shows Donald the efforts on his behalf.

  7. Really well-made! it shows in a funny way the current situation in America ūüėČ

    • The floats are incredible. You can visit the workshops to see how they are made.

  8. My grandfather visited Viareggio often as a child, as he grew up in Bagni di Lucca.He came to America after narrowly escaping Benito Mussolini. I certainly believe he would be disappointed on how this float reflects an anti-American sentiment, as it depicts hatred and the furthest from the truth. My family lives in southern California, and our area has been seriously impacted by the problems caused my illegal immigration.

    • Many of the floats are political comment on several countries. I think this is a comment on Trump, not America in general. Most of the world thinks he is a stupid thug.

      • I’m surprised you would make a malicious comment like that!

      • Donald Trump is not viewed favourably by the world outside America…and by many inside the country. I think your grandfather would have been happy that it is possible to criticise a government. Mussolini would have had you shot for that.

      • Hi Debra. Great blog…great photo’s, your sentiment is the sentiment of many, in and outside of America.

      • Thank you. The world is watching in amazement.

  9. Classic, thanks for sharing this. Look forward to the next post on the floats. Louise

    • I will sort the photos soon.

  10. Powerful messages and great photos

    • There are no barricades so it is possible to get quite close to the floats.

  11. Perfect! Actually, when you think about it, what he is doing is asking everyone to not believe their eyes and ears and that would fit with the true meaning of Carnevale, wouldn’t it? Something out of this world.

    • I still can’t believe that anyone would vote for this creep.

  12. He is such an easy target for ridicule – great art work!

    • He is an easy mark, but they have done it well.

  13. That was a brilliant post, Deb! The Italians know how to show satirical politics on a grand scale. Just shows what this part of the globe thinks of Trump’s ‘America’ with this megliomanaic still new in his office. Well done, Deb! Can’t wait to see the other floats in your next blog.

    • I think they did a great job on Donald. How did anyone vote for this man?

  14. Hi Debra: The floats are spectacular!
    Thanks for the Pics. My grandparents came from Lucca and Genoea around 1914. My grandfather’s name is on the wall at Ellis Island. They would be saddened because of Trump’s presidency. I didn’t vote for him, because of his past business practices, but a lot of people did because they lost their jobs, homes and families due to globalization and automation. It is very sad that Trump won because of their loses. However, think when this happened before in history. That being said, hopefully, I plan to be in Lucca for a month in April. Will people be angry with me because of the Trump presidency? Thanks again. Diane

    • I doubt very much that people will blame individual Americans for Trump. The whole world has gone a bit mad. You will have a great time in Lucca. April is a beautiful month. Everything will have its new green coat on.

      • Thank you! Look forward to seeing this beautiful country. My daughter gave me a new watercolor set. Can’t wait to use it in Italy!

  15. These are powerful messages Debra. As someone who is sickened by Trump I can’t help but laugh at his hair and lizard eyes in the float. Sums it up pretty well. On a serious note I’m very very troubled by what we are becoming here. The other floats depict it quite well. Scary times. ūüė™

    • I have travelled in America quite a bit and I think it is a fabulous country, but I am not going there while he is in power.

      • I don’t blame you Debra. It has been very very hard. I am so distraught. It has really opened my eyes too as I live in such a bubble world. I honestly thought it was a joke that he was even running and it proved me wrong. I just hope we can mend the immense damage that will be done.

  16. Only the Italians can do it so very well.

    • These floats are ruthless.

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