Posted by: Debra Kolkka | September 18, 2016

An evening in Lucca

I am back in Italy. I arrived in Bagni di Lucca in the late afternoon after a whole day of travelling, just time to get ready for aperitivo.

This was no ordinary aperitivo. We went to Lucca to climb the Guinigi tower…famous for the holm oaks growing on the top.

Guinigi tower Lucca

It is a 230 step climb to the top. I like to stop occasionally to admire the view.

Guinigi tower Lucca

Guinigi tower Lucca

A bit of rain fell as we got to the top, but it didn’t dampen spirits. Lucca looks stunning from this vantage point, especially in the fading light.

Guinigi tower Lucca

Guinigi tower Lucca

Guinigi Tower Lucca

Guinigi Tower Lucca

Guinigi Tower Lucca

Guinigi Tower Lucca

Guinigi tower Lucca

Guinigi Tower Lucca

Guinigi Tower Lucca

Guinigi tower Lucca

Guinigi Tower Lucca

Guinigi tower Lucca

Guinigi Tower Lucca

Guinigi Tower Lucca

Prosecco time.

Guinigi Tower Lucca

It had been planned that we would be serenaded under the holm oaks by 2 lovely young musicians, but the rain sent us downstairs. It was great anyway.

Guinigi tower Lucca

Guinigi Tower Lucca

Thank you Paul and Paola Moschino for a great evening…and Paris Boheme, for the delicious dinner that followed. It is good to be back.



  1. As many times as I have seen pictures of that Tower I still marvel at it. Great photos and such interesting light in some of the shots. Glad you are back there and will be supplying some great blogs on all you are doing.

    • It’s great to be back. Lucca is always wonderful.

  2. I wish I was there. In theory, I would have been as today there is a big “Balestrieri ” event at the old Buonvisi (Webb) Palace…
    I love the Guinigi Tower. GReat photos!

    • There was a lot in today, Sunday, but I was keen to get to Casa Debbio to see the garden…all is well.

  3. Fabulous views from the Giungi tower. What a lovely homecomomg.

    • I have climbed it during the day, but it is especially lovely in the evening.

  4. What a wonderful way to come back to Tuscany, and what a great idea to make use of the long climb to the top of the tower. It’s a pity the rain didn’t hold off for a while.

    • It is lovely up there in the evening. We can’t do much about the weather.

  5. Oh, I love the Guinigi, and the views from there!

    • Lucca looks fabulous from above.

      • Certainly!

  6. Great blog as always Debra. After that long flight and climb you certainly earned that glass of Prosecco. You could almost say it was for medicinal purposes. Salute!

    • It is quite a climb, but I stop along the way to admire the view.

  7. Lovely photos Deb…looking forward to seeing your posts on what is happening in the area.

    • There is bound to be lots to see while I am here.

  8. I have just returned from a break in Florence and Lucca.My first time in Lucca,what a beautiful place. Climbed the Torre del Ore for an amazing view of Guinigi and all of Lucca. Will definitely return to Lucca and maybe Bagni di Lucca.Can I get to Bagni by train or do you recommend a car?

    • You can get a train or bus to Bagni di Lucca, but a car is better. You can’t get to the mountain villages successfully without a car.

  9. In in awe of your ability to plan a great evening after such long travel. I guess you’re still young! Welcome home! At least if I can’t be there right now, I can live vicariously through your blog and you. Ben tornata!

    • I suppose 63 is still young, it depends on your view. I like to get right into life as soon as I arrive.

  10. From beautiful Helsinki to beautifull Lucca……..

    • I do get to see some wonderful places.

  11. Enjoy your time in Bagni and Lucca again Deb. I have just had a month in Orvieto with my son, his wife and gorgeous bambina. One day we will catch up again.

    • I hope we can meet up soon…somewhere.

  12. And a great workout as well

    • It is a bit of a hike, but worthwhile.

  13. Glad to hear that you arrived safely. Welcome back!

  14. what a lovely italian evening.

  15. Looking for a trip next year. Bagni Lucca may be the go! Beautiful photos.

  16. Can’t wait to see/visit Lucca again – hopefully heading back in Spring 2017. Maybe our paths will cross once more! Joe

    • I hope you come back and that we meet again.

  17. The best time of year to arrive in Italy. Enjoy your posts immensely. Someday we’ll visit you. Lucca is our second favorite place to be in Italy.

  18. Loved our stay on Lucca on the Bia Francigena. Great connections with Ireland

  19. Loved your post on Lucca! I’m going back next year, God willing.

  20. […] the year there were many visits to lovely Lucca, fabulous Florence, marvellous Modena, Castiglione Garfagnana with Victoria, Bologna and Parma with […]

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