Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 30, 2016

I love my weeping cherry

Spring is slowly showing its lovely face at Casa Debbio. We are 630 metres  above sea level so it is a little behind Bagni di Lucca, but my weeping cherry is looking gorgeous.

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

There was a small fig tree in this position and I had it taken out to put the cherry in. There was a loud protest from Sisto, who was helping, but I stuck to my guns and am very happy I did so. This beautiful tree greets me as I come up the driveway.

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

The daffodils are almost finished, but the fruit trees have tiny buds and there is a tinge of green on some of the trees.  I am hoping the lavender will start to grow soon…I’ll keep you posted.

My new terra cotta bench is in position.

Casa Debbio

The table is still wrapped up…I need more pairs of hands for that one.

We have some gorgeous new/old pots. They are waiting for geraniums to appear in the nurseries. I want some great big red ones.

The magnolia tree has big flowers, which will be finished soon. Fabulous growth is required from the tree this year to provide shade in front of the house.

Casa Debbio

We can see a huge improvement in our new garden this year…and it will only get better.


  1. Beautiful pictures telling a story.

    • Things should really start moving soon…I hope so.

  2. Spring is beautiful and makes more beautiful this place, Thank you dear Debra, Love, nia

    • This is a beautiful time of year in the mountains.

  3. A little behind where I live too – but the signs are there

    • Yes, it will be green everywhere soon.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous, beautiful shots 💖

    • Casa Debbio is available for rent in the summer, tell all your friends. We would love to have some Finnish visitors.

      • Debra, do you have a website for it I could share with all the info?

      • We have a website…
        You can also see all the posts I have written about the house in the category “New house in Vergemoli” on this blog. At the top of the page is also “Rent our mountain house”

      • The villa is enchanting. I shared the website with my friends. I will also introduce it to my husband 😛

      • Thank you. My Finnish cousins are visiting this spring.

  5. The garden is looking great!

    • It will be looking even better in a few weeks when the trees have leaves.

  6. Beautiful Debra. I’m enjoying the spring weather also.

    • It is nice to have these lovely sunny days.

  7. The weeping cherry is beautiful and your gardens are starting to look lovely.

    • The progress has been amazing really. There was nothing on the lower terrace this time last year.

  8. I love it too. God, it’s just all so gorgeous Debra.

    • Casa Debbio is in a beautiful position. I never get tired or looking out over the mountains.

  9. Your magnolia tree is indeed gorgeous. What a lovely and cheering thing to see every time you drive up to the Casa.

    • The fruit trees will be in blossom soon as well. The chestnut and hazelnut trees are starting to bud…you have to love spring.

  10. The weeping cherry is putting on a great show and looks like the giant magnolia flowers have been lovely. Love your terracotta bench. Hope you get plenty of sitting around time on it in the spring. Bet Jim is impressed . Well done, looks fabulous.

    • With a bit of luck the pergola will begin next week. I can’t wait to see it all in place.

  11. Spring is a poppin’! Beautiful landscaping!!!

    • It all looks pretty good when things start to grow.

  12. Will be able to see it next year.

    • It will be even better then.

  13. The cherry blossoms must be full of very happy bees – it’s so very pretty. The terracotta bench is lovely as is the fat little pot of pansies. There’s always something new to see, isn’t there, no matter how many times you wander in the same garden – and I don’t think a garden is ever finished.

    • This garden is going to get better every year. I love to see the things I planted a year ago spring back to life…amazing.

  14. It looks stunning Debra,…what a cheerful greeting.

    • The tree also looks good when the leaves come, but the few weeks when it is in flower are special.

  15. Ahhh the cherry blossoms! How stunning 😀

    • I can’t believe it is growing in my garden!

  16. I love your tree-so beautiful! Coming from southern California where we don’t have real seasons I can’t wait to experience spring in Lucca-however I am prepared for rain…

    • I come from sub tropical Brisbane, so this is all very special for me.

  17. Cherry tree …beautiful!

  18. Your weeping cherry tree flowers look like little pink bells dangling in the breeze. Such a pretty tree in a very lovely garden. Great photos Debra, thanks for sharing them.
    Robyn 🌸

  19. Ah, delightful spring.. surreal…

  20. Gorgeous bench, Debra, and I love your flowering cherry tree. 🙂

  21. Pink, my favorite color! The garden is already looking lovely, and I’m sure it will only get better as the season progresses. I look forward to seeing more photos!

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