Posted by: Debra Kolkka | December 12, 2015

Stockholm’s food market

I love to look at food markets when I travel. It is fun to see the different types of food available and how people present it. I was in Stockholm in Ocober and was delighted to find the Saluhall in Ostermalm.

Saluhall Stockholm

The beautiful old brick building was begun in 1886 and opened by King Oscar II in 1888. It was purchased by the city in 1914.

There are around 17 traders in the building, many of whom are families with a long history with the market.

Saluhall Stockholm

Saluhall Stockholm

Saluhall Stockholm

Saluhall Stockholm

We had a delicious lunch Of rye bread and seafood.

Saluhall Stockolm


Saluhall Stockholm

Do you like to discover markets when you travel?


  1. Jodie and I found this food hall and also had a delicious lunch there. Yummm on the taste buds and visibly delightful.

    • I went there last time I was in Stockholm too. I loved it.

  2. One of my favorite lunch place when I’m in Stockholm

    • “lunch places” 😉

      • It could easily be my favourite place if I lived nearby.

  3. It looks fabulous. I love that the fish is displayed draped with very fresh looking seaweed – and is that bird real? Ah me, so much to eat and so little time!

    • The poor bird is stuffed, but very pretty.

  4. There is all you need to prepare a delicious smorgasbord!

    • The selection is excellent.

  5. What an interesting array of food in a typical 19th Century market! Great photos! Thank you, Debra!

    • The architecture and the food are both wonderful.

  6. Delicious open sandwiches…. and a beautiful market building too…. I love the Scandinavian sense of design and style. This looks a wonderful place!

    • I love Scandanavian design too…and food.

  7. I was just there about a month ago! Maybe we rubbed shoulders at the market.

  8. Wonderful and not too crowded. South Melbourne has a great market but there are always a lot of people there; at least when I’ve been.

    • Melbourne has some great markets. I always like to look city markets to see how people like to eat.

      • The only place where I found naturally dried apricots rather than chemically dried ones. What a difference in taste.

  9. Oh wow, I was just in Stockholm in September, staying overnight on a boat, but I haven’t discovered your place, looks fabulous

    • I went by boat from Helsinki and had 3 days in the city…lots of time to wander.

      • Did you see the Skansen outdoor museum?

      • No, I missed that, but I did see the amazing ship, which will be the subject of my next post.

  10. Debra, I LOVE food markets everywhere I go, too. Love seeing what is truly “local” and meeting the vendors. The true “taste” of a place!

    • I always look for food markets too. I also like to look in supermarkets to see the different things people eat.

  11. Beautiful Debra! I too love food markets and love to visit them and try out the local fare. This market looks very interesting too with lots of smoked fish.

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