Posted by: Debra Kolkka | July 30, 2015

The biggest food market I have ever seen

When we were in Arles, in the south of France, a while ago we walked through the biggest street market I have ever seen.

The market went on for blocks. There were ceramics, clothing and household things, but it was the food that appealed to me.

Arles market

Arles market

The market is on every Saturday, and there is a smaller one on Wednesday. Wouldn’t it be great to have this as your local place to shop?


  1. I love to get my hands on all of that food, especially the white asparagus and the different salamis with some of that crusty bread and tomatoes . When I was in Italy I admired and desired all the good looking produce.

  2. The street markets in France were a highlight of our visit. I would like to try it all!

    • I love the food markets in France and Italy, but this was seriously good.

  3. Great colours, love food markets, especially those in Europe! Greetings from

    • I love the markets in Europe too. We have some great ones in Australia and the produce is quite different.

  4. Fantastic market, Debra! I’d really enjoy shopping there. 🙂

    • Me too. There were some wonderful things that we don’t get in Australia.

  5. Mouth watering all your images, Debra.

    • I wish I was there now.

  6. That is just the colour of garlic I’m always looking for! There was a small farmers’ market near me but for some reason, it relocated to an inconvenient site. More’s the pity because they’re always fun and good to support local growers.

    • The garlic was most impressive. I took many photos of it.

  7. Wow….just wow!!!!

    • We were very impressed.

  8. Just beautiful Deb. I have seen those fresh almonds in French markets too…do you know what they taste like or what you do with them? (4th row center, green fuzzy. I’m assuming that’s what those are.) My food naïveté is showing here, but can you just crack’em open and eat ‘me or do they require some preparation?

    • I have never eaten green almonds, but after reading the comment below I will buy some next time I see them

      • Wow, just read the link…amazing. I’m gonna have to try them too.

  9. French markets are a delight for the senses. And regarding the previous question, yes, they are green almonds, which are difficult to find unless you live in an area where there are plenty of almond orchards (which is the case in the Camargue region). Here is some information

    • Thank you for the info. I knew they were green almonds, but had no idea what to do with them.

  10. Beautiful colours, 🙂 Loved them all dear Debra, Thank you, love, nia

    • I think the food looks beautiful, so fresh and bright.

  11. Large and full of treats. Impressive!

    • Everything looked fresh and delicious.

  12. That garlic is stunning – the last photograph almost looks like a beautiful painting. It would be torture to be there and not be able to buy and cook.

    • I know what you mean. I wanted to buy lots of things, but we had no kitchen and no way to prepare anything.

  13. Just gorgeous! I wish we had markets like this here.

    • This really is the biggest food market I have ever seen. We have little ones in Bagni di Lucca and nearby, but this market was amazing.

  14. Arles, dream destination for foodies too! Wonderful!

    • Isn’t is wonderful? We were amazed to find such a big market.

  15. Amazing. Beautiful photographs. I am hungry!

    • The market was fabulous…I want to go back.

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  17. Amazing!!! Foodie paradise!

  18. I would have no idea what to do with a lot of the food I see there, but it would certainly inspire me to try. I’m thinking I would only stop shopping when I couldn’t carry any more!

  19. Wow what a stunning collection of market photos Debra!

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  21. Better than Power house markets, am so envious. Must visit one day.

    • Wouldn’t it be great to have this as your local market?

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