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Barcelona food

I have never been a fan of tapas. I thought it was an excuse to serve scraps…that was until our recent trip to Barcelona. I have completely changed my mind. I can’t get enough pimientos de Padron,  those incredibly delicious little peppers thrown on a grill with olive oil and salt…and other things.

Pimiento de Padron Barcelona

Come for a food walk with me through Barcelona, one of the most vibrant, alive and exciting cities in the world.

The Boqueria Market on La Rambla is the perfect place to start a food tour. The produce here is incredible, and the eateries are some of the very best places to eat in the city. Be prepared to brave the crowds, it is always busy.

Boqueria market Barcelona


I love the long, high tables where you perch on a stool, choose the food you want, watch it being tossed on a grill and served up piping hot and scrumptious. There is also a huge selection of jamon, just waiting to be sliced thinly and presented on a platter.


Here are a few more delights we enjoyed after hours of walking through the wonderful Barcelona streets.

Barcelona food

Barcelona food

We had a couple of disappointing meals in restaurants, so I won’t show you those. Next time I go to Barcelona I may just install myself at the market and not leave.  I have been trying to find the little peppers here in Brisbane with no success…I may have to return to Barcelona quite soon.


  1. I love the food market photos. 🙂

    • It is one of the very best markets I have been to. There is no excuse to eat badly in Barcelona.

  2. Wow… Beautiful pictures. Love the colors and assortments

    • There is an amazing choice of food at the market. It makes me hungry thinking about it.

      • 🙂

  3. Hi Debra, there are pre packed bags of green peppers in Brine found at Samios Foods, Turbo Drive, Coorparoo.
    Cheers Annie
    Love the Boqueria. We stayed at Hotel 1898 on The Ramblas – they have a wonderful Rooftop bar where you can sip a very sexy cocktail to calm your soul as the sun goes down .. Plus a very groovy fusion restaurant serving many styles of food including Tempura green peppers.

    • Thank you for the info. I will go to Samios immediately. We will certainly return to Barcelona. We have been twice and still haven’t seen all we want to.

  4. Debra there’s a guy sells them when in season at the Powerhouse Markets and one can buy them from him online.

    • I have been to the markets looking for the pimiento man, but it seems he has stopped coming for the moment.

  5. The ones I was talking about are Fresh – much nicer than in brine

  6. Everything looks so fresh. Have you thought of trying a South Brisbane deli? They may have them ready to eat.

    • I will try the South Brisbane deli, thank you.

  7. Those peppers at power house markets sold by the farmer, but he now has moved to West End markets. I think the season is over for now, you may have to wait untill next year!!!

    • Yes, I think the season is over. I will look in spring perhaps.

  8. Stop making feel hungry!

    • I would love to be there right now.

  9. Just such a refreshing place with all those great goods, makes everybody wanting to be there, because of your wonderful pictures.

    • I would love to live nearby and shop there every day.

  10. Great photos, Debra! La Boqueria Is a Gourmet paradise and I am glad to see that you reconciled yourself with tapas. But wait until you come to San Sebastián and try our “pintxos”,,,

    • I can’t wait to get to San Sebastián. I have heard of your pintxos.

  11. The peppers from the West End Market ‘pepper man’ are fabulous. Usually buy a $10 bag of mixed and do them with oil and salt on the Bar B que. Fabulous as a starter.

    • I tried the markets, but I think he has gone for the moment.

  12. My goodness!!! The Spanish know how to put on a street food feast!! Those peppers look lickalicious!

    • The peppers are delicious.

  13. I found peppers-very much like those in your first photo at the Bagni di Lucca open air market. Prepared them in a very hot skillet with good olive oil and coarse salt. buonissimo!

    • They must be summer vegetables, which would explain why I can’t find them here right now. They are delicious little things.

  14. Absolutely fantastic markets. One of my favorites. I agree the best selection of eats in Barcelona. Tapas are not only the taste but also the conversation they create.

    • I am already planning my next visit.

  15. Stunning post and photos!! I’m glad you enjoyed Barcelona!!

    • We have been twice to Barcelona and I can’t wait to go back.

  16. Wow! That is some food market. Everything looks so fresh and vibrant.
    Love the pimientos de Padron. Usually the simplest food is the most delicious.

    • Pimientos are delicious. I wish they were in season here right now…I have to wait until November.

  17. Sounds like a plan Deb. Fresh is best… Especially in Barcelona. That asparagus!!!

    • Everything looked delicious and really fresh.

  18. Wow, what a glorious riot of beautiful food – I can see that a day simply wouldn’t be enough time to ‘research’ that thoroughly. The pimientos man has a website and you can subscribe to his email list so that you will get an ‘alert’ when he is at the markets. His last market stall of the season was mid June. His farm is in Conondale which I think is the sunshine coast hinterland.

    • Thanks for that. I have tracked him down and I am now on the mailing list.

  19. These are the most wonderful markets….I could visit them every day!!

    • Wouldn’t it be great to have it as your local market?

  20. Now I’m hungry 😃

    • I get that. I want to go back to those markets. The pimiento de Padron are out of season here, but you might find them in Bagni di Lucca. If you do, grab them, throw them on a grill with olive oil and salt flakes…yum.

  21. Wow! Amazing! Wanna eat it all 🙂

  22. […] at least once. It is worth a visit for Gaudi alone…but don’t miss the great food at the Boqueria […]

  23. Where did you try tapas before? Barcelona is not even famous for tapas, best tapas in Spain are in Madrid! Pimientos del padron, Spanish tortilla… In Barcelona you have to pay for them, while in Madrid they’re free. Win-win!

    • We tried tapas all over the south of Spain and Madrid.

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