Posted by: Debra Kolkka | July 8, 2015

Amazing Arles

The narrow streets of Arles are full of delightful things…come for a walk along the lovely cobblestones.















There are wonderful decorations on buildings.

Interesting roofs.

The windows and doorways are delightfully dilapidated, and often spilling with flowers.








We had some delicious things to eat in Arles.

I really didn’t know what to expect of Arles, but I was very pleasantly surprised. The city centre is vibrant and interesting and in the evening really comes to life with people out and about enjoying the lovely outdoor cafes. A few of the restaurants we tried were fully booked…we will have to return.

We ventured into the Camargue countryside as well…that will be another post.



  1. Debra I love your photos. 🙂

    • Arles makes a great subject.

  2. so beautiful dear Debra, I could lose myself in there, with Mr.Can 🙂 Thank you, love, nia

    • Arles is a wonderful place to visit.

  3. Arles is a fascinating city and your photos show its beauty and diversity. Another interesting fact concerning Arles is that it is the hometown of the famous Gipsy band ‘The Gipsy Kings” who created the “gipsy rumba” back in the 80s and 90s

    • I remember the Gypsy Kings. I had no idea they were from Arles.

      • What about the Woman of Arles?

  4. Many years since I last visited. I agree it is a lovely town, a great place to stroll around with a camera. I can still remember a meltingly tender rack of lamb, eaten in a little place with a view of the ancient amphitheatre.

    • We had some great food in Arles. There were many very good looking restaurants to choose from

  5. Arles looks like it has a really nice feel to it. The colours are great and your photos are lovely.

    • Arles was a great place to visit, we would happily go back.

  6. I love these posts on the south of France. I met a guy in Gombereto who lives in Nice and he inherited his Gombereto house. He tells me it takes him 3 hours to get from Nice to Gombereto to look after his garden!
    I would love the opportunity to explore the south of France it looks fascinating.

    • I wouldn’t like to be in the car with him! I think it took us at least 5 to get that far. One day we had morning coffee in Portofino, lunch in Monaco and dinner in Cannes. It is a relatively easy drive, except for the bit around Genova, which can be a bit confusing and often congested. The area along the Italian/French coast is gorgeous. Every time we do it we say we should do it more often.

      • I have to admit I was a little surprised he could get from Nice to Gombereto in 3 hours!. Maybe its a case of he was enjoying himself so much on the journey that 5 hours felt like 3?

  7. What a beautiful looking town. Your photos show it.

    • It is a lovely town. It was very windy while we were there, something I think happens often.

  8. What a beautiful place. I especially like the florist shops – I have actually started a bucket list and Arles is now in my bucket – let’s hope my bucket is in good repair. I love the music of the Gypsy Kings – makes you want to dance doesn’t it.

    • You would do well to put Arles on your list. The whole area is great with lots of interesting places to see.

  9. Oh I adore those colourful shutters! Each window looks like a movie set! 😀

    • It is a really interesting town…and we didn’t even find the aqueduct.

  10. Oh my …. another place I don’t know … and another that I would seem to love.

    • I’m sure you would really enjoy Arles.

  11. Where to begin, the wonderful, painterly shutters or the gorgeous florist shop. It all looks so perfect. Thank you Deb!

    • Arles was a gorgeous place to visit…there are just too many great places.

  12. “Delightfully dilapidated,” I love that!

    • I loved those shutters!

  13. Beautiful Debra! I love as usual how you arranged the photos! I have not been to Arles but would love to visit. 😊

  14. […] town of Arles is quite lovely, no wonder Van Gogh was drawn to […]

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