Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 9, 2015

On a happier note

Life is returning to normal in Bagni Di Lucca. Most places have electricity, although we lost power again last night for a while. I thought the worst of the damage was in La Villa, but it seems several other villages have been badly hit. In some, every roof was damaged and I have heard that insurance may not cover all of the repair costs.

It seems a chimney on my roof is broken, so I will have to get a brave soul to venture up there to fix it, but that is minor when you consider what others have been through.

Casa Debbio survived without a scratch, making me pleased we cut the pine trees around the house last year. It looks a bit bare, but with a bit if luck and the arrival of spring, things will look better soon.

The good news is that spring is definitely on the way. In Lucca the other day we saw the gorgeous magnolia flowers appearing on the trees in Via Garibaldi.

Magnolias in Lucca

Magnolias in Lucca

Magnolias in Lucca

Magnolias in Lucca

The daffodils in my pots are looking beautiful.

my daffodils

Spring makes everything look better…not long now.

Despite your efforts (thank you) Bagni di Lucca and Beyond did not win anything in the Italy Magazine Blog Awards.

However, Bella Bagni di Lucca, won runner up in the Best Single Art and Culture Post for a post I did on a delightful business here that still makes by hand the figurines the area was once famous for.

I am really happy that Arte Barsanti will get a bit of extra attention as a result.

See the post here.


  1. The magnolias and the daffodils are very beautiful

    • Spring is on the way.

  2. It is so sad tornado how damaged in there. We all miss Spring days… Beautiful photographs, and amazing blossoms… In here, seems that the winter comes back 🙂 Thank you dear Debra, have a nice day and new week, love, nia

    • It is still quite cold here, but there are definite signs of spring.

  3. Congratulations again – you should have won for some excellent posts 🇮🇹

    • Thanks, runner up is just fine.

  4. Lovely spring flowers. It’s good news Casa Debbio wasn’t damaged. Good luck with the broken chimney. I didn’t know Italy had tornados. It must have been quite scary when it happened.
    Cheers, Robyn

    • I didn’t know Italy had this kind of weather either. I don’t want another.

  5. Thank you, Deb, for the update. All the damage can be repaired; however, those beautiful old trees cannot be easily replaced and I will be very sad each time I will go past Countess Casalini’s park. In any case, with Spring coming, everything will look better.
    As I said on another post, your entry about Arte Barsanti is superb and deserved an award. It is also good to see the work of this family promoted, as they are the only ones who carry on with this beautiful craft in the traditional way. The figurines that we see nowadays are mainly resin and “made in China”. The paints and techniques are the same that their great-grandfather used. And the business used to employ 40 people in the good old days! We should all go and buy a “presepe”. Then, we would have that in common with the Pope, Queen Elizabeth, the late Queen Mother and the Nativity Museum in Bethlehem…. And they are gorgeous!

    • I am thrilled for Arte Barsanti. It is great that they get some recognition.

  6. My cousins house in Forte Di Marmi got hammered! Trees fell onto roofs and garages. What crazy weather. Now I see there are more cyclones on the way to Australia….ah!

    • We saw some of the damage on the coast. I grew up with cyclones on the Gold Coast…very scary.

  7. How lovely to see the magnolias again. None up here yet. Glad you survived with little damage – must be a nightmare for those who have to get bake to normality!

    • Some trees here are quite advanced, but it is still cold.

  8. sorry to hear about the tornado and the damages but you were lucky not to get hurt and now you have a beautiful spring season coming up 🙂 congratulations too for your post!

    • Thank you. It was nice for Arte Barsanti to be noticed. Things are on the mend here after the tornado.

  9. In our small village the community was wonderful. The shops and restaurants stayed open and everyone pitched in to help. Congratulations on your post. The figurine have been part of local life for over a thousand years in Bagni di Lucca and the closure of the market around the tower of Pisa has brought hardship to many makers . What might be considers as tourist tat by some is infact an ancient craft.

    • I didn’t realise all the stalls have been removed in Pisa. There is certainly room for some souvenir stalls.

  10. Congratulations on the blog getting the award. Well done. What a beautiful time in Lucca….the magnolias are a lovely sight in the street. Look forward to more Spring posts.

    • I’m looking forward to spring too. The mornings are still very cold. I can’t wait to get things planted at Casa Debbio.

  11. Beautiful photos Debra📷well done on the award.

    • Thank you, Italy is very photogenic.

  12. Hope the beautiful magnolia blossoms signal a full recovery for the battered villages Debra. Congratulations on the award!

    • There are still people without power, and many roofs to repair, but work in underway.

  13. Congrats on the runner up award, Debra. 🙂 Lovely magnolia and daffodil and pics. Glad your house wasn’t damaged.

    • Thank you. We were very lucky not to have damage at Casa Debbio.

  14. Hooray … spring has sprung! Getting one award winner is a feat in itself. Stay the course!

    • It is still cold, but there are some lovely signs of spring.

  15. Congratulations on being runner up! And even better news is that Casa Debbio survived fully intact! 😀

    • Now I am pleased we cut the pines down last year…a good move.

  16. So glad that Casa Debbio survived with no damage. As for the award you are already a winner to us!

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