Posted by: Debra Kolkka | September 2, 2014

Matteo, Matteo and gelato

Bologna’s loss is Brisbane’s gain. Matteo and Matteo left their native Italy to pursue a dream to bring perfect gelato to Australia.


Their new business in Florence St, Teneriffe is called La Macelleria, which actually means The Butchery. Their original gelateria in Bologna was built in an old butcher shop and they decided to retain the name and bring it to Australia with them.


They also brought the very best Italian equipment with them and work with local growers and farmers to source the best and freshest ingredients for their gelato.

The gelato is churned every day with no artificial flavourings, preservatives or powders. It is not on display in open containers; the individual flavours are held in Pozzetti cabinets to allow the maintenance of the right consistency and temperature.


I have done extensive gelato research in Italy and I can report that Matteo and Matteo’s gelato is excellent…every bit as good as my lovely friend Paolo’s in Bagni di Lucca, and he is a master gelato maker.

La Macelleria

La Macelleria

La Macelleria

La Macelleria

Happily, I can now enjoy real Italian gelato even when I am home in Brisbane. Thank you Matteo and Matteo.

La Macelleria, Shop 10/29 Florence St, Teneriffe.


  1. Great photos!!great post!!

    • If you live nearby you should try it.

  2. Sounds and looks very yummy Deb and will definitely visit.

    • The gelato is delicious, you will love it.

  3. Well done Deb – & the research was fun too – I wish them success – the gelato is fabulous

    • Their gelato is very good. I will be a regular.

  4. I had mango gelato this summer with the grandsons on Lake Garda. I still dream of it. Do matteo and matteo make it? Please have some for me!

    • I’m sure they will make mango gelato in the season, which will be starting soon.

  5. Nothing like the real gelato without artificial flavours or additives! It is always delicious. My favourite flavours are mango and “marron glace” (which is difficult to find).

    • I like maron glade too. Grom does it in winter and it is very good.

  6. From my research into gelato Bologna is THE place to learn how to make it – a university course no less. I loved visiting the gelato museum there. Looks like these guys know their stuff. Lucky you Deborah. I worry able gelato withdrawal when we return home.

    • Matteo and Matteo learned their craft in Bologna, lucky for us.

  7. Oh, Yummy! I meant the Gelato, of course. 😀

    • The gelato is delicious and the boys are quite nice too.

  8. Is that pistachio? One of my favorites! Some day I hope to try Paolo’s.

    • I had pistachio and cassata. My friend had hazelnut and crema…excellent.

  9. I will make a point of visiting this gelateria. You must be heading back to Bagni di lucca very soon. Happy and safe travels

    • You will love the gelato! I leave tomorrow.

  10. Going tomorrow. Can’t wait – thanks for the recommendation – and the boys look gorgeous too. Hope they do well and love being here in Brisbane.

    • Have a gelato for me.

  11. My goodness, that looks like the real deal! Lucky Brisbane!

    • It is just like gelato in Italy. I’m sure they will do well.

  12. I love it- instead of creating what would be an Italian copy abroad, they take the all important principles, like sourcing local ingredients, and apply them. Bravi ragazzi!

    • They are very welcome here in Brisbane.

  13. Thank you for the info Deb – I shall immerse myself in some serious lick and slurp research.

    • I know you will love the gelato and I am sure it is good for you.

  14. A great story! I hope they enjoy Australia as much as you enjoyed their gelato. I would have loved to join you!

    • They seem to be enjoying their new home, and we are lucky to have them.

  15. That’s wonderful that you can get a taste of Italy in Brisbane! 😀

  16. Had the pleasure of sampling a few of M&M,s creation this week and compare it with their creation back in Bologna. I don’t know if it is the local ingredients or just their enthusiasm for Gelato creation but Bologna’s loss is our gain. If you live close —-your lucky—if not—-It’s worth the trip.

  17. Will have to try this, as the gelato in Italy is to die for.

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