Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 30, 2014

The return of piggie

You may recall that we had a visit from our neighbour, Vittorio, and his pet cinghiale last year at Casa Debbio.

Here they are in my tomatoes last year.


Yesterday they returned and how piggie has grown.


I mistakenly referred to piggie as ‘he’ before, but she is a very lovely young lady. She is 1 year old now and loves to go for a walk with Vittorio.




She likes to find new things to eat.



She was heading off towards my new garden when Vittorio called her back. She does respond to commands, reluctantly.


They were last seen trotting towards the waterfall, she loves her bath.


It seems she has become part of the family and is unlikely to be eaten.


  1. That animal is darling! What’s her name?

    • She doesn’t have a name. I call her Piggie.

  2. I understand that pigs are very smart. No wonder she responds to commands so well. She is cute…

    • She responds when it suits her.

      • funny…sounds like my lab Eva:)

  3. Pigs are very underrated animals – on no account should the name “pig” have been given as a perjorative terms to a law-keeping profession – it demeans the pig not the human!

    • She seems like a happy pig. She loves going for walks with Vittorio.

  4. She is a cutie, I prefer Cinghiale to Pig! Does she have a name?

    • She doesn’t have a name. She responds to andiamo, let’s go.

  5. Oh one couldn’t possibly eat her – too cute.

    • I think she has become part of the family, so I think she is safe.

  6. Lovely Miss Piggy! … or Miss Cinghy…

    • She has lots of character.

  7. I love pigs! Had a pet one when I was young on our farm. They also have a great sense of humour ( I think. maybe it was just me being amused by her)

    • They are certainly quite comical to watch.

  8. Little Piggie is not little anymore,she is a grown up wouldn’t you say?

    • I am not sure how much bigger she will grow.

  9. Such cute pics, Debra. Love the idea of taking a piggy for a walk. 🙂

    • I’m not sure that she would handle a collar and lead very well. Vittorio has to be careful where he takes her. She is not welcome everywhere, especially where gardens are concerned.

  10. Only is a small Italian village would be see such a thing. Piggy looks set to grow old.

    • If Vittorio has anything to do with it she will.

  11. My, how she’s grown!

    • She cuts a fine figure.

  12. What an interesting neighbor. Only in Italia!

    • It certainly wouldn’t be happening in Brisbane.

  13. So sweet! Who wants to eat chingiale anymore??!!

    • I will feel a bit gullty.

  14. Love this post! 🙂

    • I hope piggie visits again soon.

  15. Debra
    R u around the beginning of May – we’re ova in Barga – my best friend Donna & I ( her 50th) & coming ova to that lovely resturant u have spoke so fondly about & possibly leaving the guy’s in barga – we would love to meet u for for coffee in ur little village

    • I am in Bagni di Lucca until the end of June, so I will be around in May. Just let me know when you are free and we can have a coffee and a sfoglia at Il Monaco.

  16. What a delightful Pig. I have had the pleasure, (due to a farming connection) of being around Pigs. They are intelligent and display some emotional intelligence too, and are biddable. It does’nt surprise me that the family have become attached to the Pig. Good for Piggie!

    • This one has lots of character, you can tell she loves her walk.

  17. Now there’s a sight we in the suburbs won’t see.

    • It would cause quite a stir.

  18. Between you and Cecelia on the farmy I’m being beguiled by the cuteness of piggies. Now that spring’s arrived with its precious veggies and flowers, I’ll bet, like you, everybody along her walking path’s breathing a sigh of relief Miss Cinghiale now answers to Vittorio’s call!

    • Vittorio doesn’t take piggie through the village and I am the only one on the road up the mountain. She wouldn’t be at all popular if she ate my garden.

  19. Piggy has such a trusting face, I’m very glad that at least this little piggy hasn’t been turned into bacon.

    • I hope she behaves herself and doesn’t break out and rampage through the village gardens or she just might.

  20. sweet! It’s amazing how intelligent they are, I wonder how long it will be before people think of them more in the pet category than food. Having said that, bacon is far too tasty…

  21. I would like to call this piggy ‘Gladys’ because she looks happy. What a cutie!

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