Posted by: Debra Kolkka | January 30, 2014

Ancient electrics

The electrical wiring on the walls of some houses in Italy have to be seen to be believed. They hang in fantastic festoons in towns and villages all over the country.

Here are a few of the extravaganzas I have spotted on my travels.














I’m sure they work wonderfully well and they certainly add interest to the streetscape.


  1. Dodgy but effective!!!

    • I think they are great wall decorations.

  2. Es, it is quite fascinating…

    • I like the clusters.

  3. Even electrical outlets, cable boxes, and spaghetti wires look artistic in Italy.
    Imagine what a modern-day Michelangelo could do if he had a commission to paint a spiritual painting using contemporary objects?

    • I think they look great. Once I started noticing them I was fascinated.

  4. This is a fascinating idea for a post. I think the worst (and scariest) wiring I’ve ever seen was in Vietnam.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • I’m sure they work well and I think they look great.

  5. That’s very funny, Debra. Thanks for making me laugh!

    • I think it is amazing they they are just accepted as normal.

  6. Fantastic festoons! That is hysterical! I have to send some of these pics to

    My real estate inspectors! Ha

    • I am sure they will be delighted.

  7. Wow, health and safety nightmare but still beautiful!! Lizzie :o)

    • They look a bit dangerous but they seem to be effective.

      • Fingers crossed for you!! ;o)

  8. Paul will love this! No matter what the subject, pics are great.

    • It is all part of lovely Italy.

  9. Scary! I’ve never noticed this in Italy…Cuba had some truly worrying wiring!

    • I’m sure you will notice the wiring next time you are in Italy.

      • You can bet I will! Could be a new photo project!

  10. It’s just more spaghetti!

    • Excellent description!

  11. Right up my street with this post Debra – as you know! You’ve inspired me…

    • I’m glad you like them.

  12. Yes, its horrific isn’t it! We have after ten years, found a decent plumber. But a decent common sense electrician, no!

    • We had a great electrician at Casa Debbio. They did a great job and were very easy to work with.

  13. Umm.. some of these look very familiar.. They look like my house!!

    • Perhaps I walked past your house.

  14. Bit dodgy some of them Anyway seems to work So !!!

  15. OMG, Debra, this is the most fantastic collection of photos! I LOVE it. Of course I wish I’d thought of it, but I didn’t…I’m just so glad to see that someone has documented this national…um…talent! I now see that my husband’s proclivities in the wire department are, as the Italians say, “bigger than he is”. We have wires everywhere, tangles of them, which I am always trying to hide. Now I know this is a battle I will never win.

    • These clusters always bring a smile to my face.

  16. LOL its such a pain when I have to photoshop all that crap out of my photos;-)))

    • Don’t chop them out, make a feature of them.

  17. Great post! At least the wiring isn’t ugly. Some of the electrical wiring in Central America is over the top. It hangs everywhere in ugly strings and ruins any view that could be nice.

    • I have seen some of that wiring, it is incredible.

  18. We have seen even worse on our travels – things you would never see in Australia!

    • I think they are charming and love to spot them on walls.

  19. It is amazing that the entire population of the country has not been electrocuted or all of the houses burned…luckily, there is a lot of stone! LOL! Festive, indeed.

    • Despite the interesting wiring the electricity seems to work well enough.

  20. I too have been amazed when I see these crazy bundles of wires and am thrilled when everything electrical works in the apartment!

    • They look a bit crazy, but everything seems to function.

  21. Always with the details. Awesome! And I always have to imagine you taking pictures of these. Makes me smile. 🙂

    • It must look a bit strange to be photographing nothing much.

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