Posted by: Debra Kolkka | January 11, 2014

Sale time in Florence

It is winter sale time in Florence, so on a warmish January day I made my way into the city to see what was on offer.

Some shops splash their intentions all over their windows.


Some are more subtle.

But most, especially the more opulent labels, have a discreet sign in the window offering sale items inside, while new spring styles are on display.

Dolce & Gabbana have gone floral to great effect.




Prada have some gorgeous accessories. I do wonder though about the tennis jumper style leg warmers with sandals.

Fendi windows are always interesting.

Chanel windows reflect Palazzo Vecchio.


Here are some random windows.

Children are not left out of designer style.

Luisa, Via Roma was a riot of spring colour.


I love the new season accessories.

It was a beautiful day in what has to be one of the most spectacular piazzas in all of Italy.


…and warm enough to believe spring is not far away. Here is an optimistic window.



  1. I guess that the Dolce & Gabbana flowery items are not on sale… Love the yellow two piece suit…

    • They are part of the new spring collection…very pretty.

  2. That D&G window is especially pretty! I love window shopping with you, Deb! 🙂

    • I expected to see more sale items in the windows, but it seems spring has arrived.

  3. I LOVE the florals!

    • So do I! I might have to make myself something along those lines.

  4. The clothes are gorgeous,are the prices reasonable,are you planning to buy? They certainly look stylish.

    • Most of the clothes in the photos would be expensive. I am not the right age or shape for them so I can save my money.

  5. Beautiful display… the Dolce&Gabbana flowers, the Prada colors, the Chanel outfit!
    …you captured a wonderful angle of those magnificent buildings.

    • Florence is a beautiful city and the gorgeous fashion only add to it.

  6. I love the children’s shoes and what a sweet little handbag. Such a beautiful place to window shop.

    • I would like a bigger version of that handbag!

  7. It feels early for spring. Winter in Florence is the best I’ve gone to. And your photo of the doumo is the best angle I’ve seen.

    • It is much too early for spring. This weather is most unusual and I know it will get cold again soon, but we are certainly enjoying it. I don’t think it would be possible to get a bad shot of that Piazza.

  8. What a STUNNING post Debra!! Just beautiful shots, driving home the creativity and opulence of those discerning ‘names’. Wow, like installations more than window displays. And, the promise of Spring. So uplifting; for us coming from the area of winter blizzards, ice storms, power outages and yes, it’s still only January. Thanks for this gift; it has made my day.

    • I was surprised and delighted to see new season designs. Spring is always a beautiful fashion season.

  9. Thank you for taking me shopping Debra! I agree with you about the leg warmers and sandals…hmmmmm….but wish I was there to snap up some of the new looks at great prices.

    • I can’t imagine seeing too many of those leg warmers on the street, but you never know.

      • yes, and I guess if it becomes the rage, we may end up wearing them….hard to wrap my mind around that one, though:-)

      • I won’t be wearing them. I would be laughed at in the street.

      • Yeah, I would too…:)

  10. Thank you for the virtual tour of the sales in Florence. I spotted something I would love in the new season’s accessories collage – the beaded slippers, however I a sure they are an eye-watering price.

    • The beaded slippers are D&G, so they will most definitely be expensive.

  11. I’m loving the splashes of red and the floral patterns! 😀

    • It looks like a pretty season coming up.

  12. Absolutely beautiful photos! I especially love the Chanel shot with Palazzo Vecchio reflected. Thank you for the virtual stroll around Florence!

    • It was a delightful day in Florence.

  13. O dio, did you have to post this. Now I must go and shop or I will die!

    • I hope you find something beautiful.

  14. It’s really, really fun to see these store windows. It would have been a great response to this week’s WordPress photo challenge, also.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • The windows were great fun. I never think to do the photo challenges.

  15. still one of favourite piazzas of Italy as well…or anywhere for that matter.

    • It is very special. I never go to Florence without standing there in wonder.

  16. The next-to-the-last pic never gets old!

  17. Hi Deb, is the great leather and fur shop Knoew still there? Loved this post and like someone above, those embellished flats and yellow suit.

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