Posted by: Debra Kolkka | December 29, 2013

Dashing through the snow

I was really looking forward to the husky sled ride, especially after the disappointment of cross country skiing.

We arrived at the little husky settlement in the half light that is usual at this time of the year.




We could see the dogs waiting in the distance and we could certainly hear them. They apparently get excited when they are about to go for a run and bark loudly to each other.


Before we started our trek were were given sled lessons.


…and then we were off and running. There were 6 dogs pulling our sled. The 2 dogs in front are the leader dogs, usually female. They are the smart ones who lead the way and are responsible for staying on the track and leading the other dogs.

The next 2 are usually young dogs, learning the ropes and providing energy and speed.

The dogs in the rear are the big, strong dogs, usually male, who provide the pulling power. Our dogs were extremely powerful, especially the yellow one. He was very keen to be on his way.







They are beautiful dogs who seem to love their work.




One of ours had amazing blue eyes.



If we had to stop for any reason the dogs would poke their noses into the snow, looking for who knows what.


They also love to roll in the snow.


We could see the steam rising from their coats after a snow roll.


Here is Jim doing the driving.


And our friends Kirsi and Neil.


Once the ride was over we were allowed to pat the dogs. Jodie and Allan’s dogs were very friendly.


The sleds are fairly basic…please note the reindeer skin seat cover.


After the ride we were taken into a very cute hut for hot berry juice and a pancake.


A couple of very young puppies were brought in for us to admire.


Soon it was all over and we said goodbye to our sleds and dogs.



The dogs are beautifully cared for, but they do smell like dogs. They eat between 1 and 2 kilos of food every day and that has to come out…and it does. Along the ride the dogs often stop, or not, to poo. So if you try your hand at dog sledding, be prepared for lots of doggie aromas…it is all part of the fun.


  1. WOW! I’ve always wanted to do this. It looks like so much fun and those dogs are beautifully priceless. 🙂

    • It is great fun Jennifer. I’m sure you would love it. The dogs were gorgeous.

  2. Lucky girl!

    • I know! It was great fun.

  3. That looks so exciting and the dogs are very beautiful – those blue eyes are a tad unnerving. I imagine it will be hard to leave that place. We have a huge tropical storm beginning it’s huff and puff around us but it’s welcome because it’s been such a dreadfully hot day in Brisbane.

    • Saariselka is a fun place…back in Helsinki now and then Italy.

  4. Wow Debra what an amazing adventure. Happy new year,

    • Saariselka was a lot of fun…back to Ponte for new year. I hope yours is great.

  5. Looks like an amazing adventure. Whats next ? Surely a quiet sit in front of the fire – anyway this is a Christmas you will never forget. x

    • Snowmobiles and reindeer next…no rest for the wicked.

  6. Wonderful adventure, Debra!! My dad used to raise malamutes and huskies. I miss those wonderful, fiercely loyal, very strong and lovable creatures! Am enjoying your northern experiences!

    • They are wonderful dogs. They must be fun to own.

  7. The photographs are impressive.

    • There were lots of blurry ones too. It is a bumpy ride.

  8. So amazing!!! This is on my daughters bucket list!! You will have to give us some more info!!! Happy New Year!

    • We stayed in Saariselka in northern Finland. It is a resort village where you can enjoy all kinds of snow experiences.

  9. Beautiful animals! And the puppy is gorgeous. But they need the snow and all that exercise to be happy.

    • They certainly seem to enjoy what they do.

  10. How fun! The pictures are great. I feel as though I’ve lived it vicariously through you without having to leave our warm San Diego winter — thanks!

    • We were wearing lots of warm clothing so it was OK. The weather was mostly kind to us.

  11. And you may be the first person I’ve ever encountered who has done this! Looks cold … but also like much fun!

    • It wasn’t too cold. We were lucky with the weather. It can be minus 30, but for us it was only minus 2.

      • Yep … like so much in life, it’s comparatively relative.

  12. What a fabulous experience

    • It was fun. The dogs are gorgeous and the scenery spectacular.

  13. what a wonderful experience, pictures capture this so well, thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful new year filled with wonders.

    • It was great fun. Saariselka is a great place for snow fun.

  14. This looks like a great adventure Deb. Another amazing experience!

    • It was great fun. I want to o back already.

  15. What a fun and such a different an experience! Great photos as usual Debra!

    • It was a great thing to do. I’m sure we will go back one day to try for the lights and the dog sled will be on the agenda.

  16. This looks like a ridiculous amount of fun! On my bucket list!

    • It was great fun, I hope you get to try it one day.

  17. I would love to to this! Were the dogs all friendly? I have a feeling my Alsatian would love this too!

    • We were asked not to touch the dogs before the ride as they get very excited, but they all seemed friendly afterwards.

  18. That dogs eyes are really piercing. 😯 What a great experience, Debra. I think I’d enjoy doing that ride too, as long as I had a lovely warm hat like yours. Very pretty indeed. 🙂

  19. That looks like so much fun!! What a fantastic adventure

  20. What an experience! It must be wonderful to sit in the sled and be pulled by all that power. I’m glad to hear that the dogs are beautiful and well cared for.

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  23. What a great experience — glad they are beautifully looked after, loved , nourished and fed well. Good Looking dogs, aren’t they?

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