Posted by: Debra Kolkka | December 2, 2013

On the way to Vergemoli

Winter has arrived in Bagni di Lucca, bringing with it cool, misty days. I think it is a beautiful time of the year, especially when I drive through scenery like this on the way to Casa Debbio in Vergemoli.













It is worth braving a bit of cold weather when this is the result.

Take a look at the New House in Vergemoli category for more on the village and our pile of rocks that became a house.


  1. Glad you have that warm house – tho it does look so wintery and wonderful.

    • I think the mountains look great in winter.

  2. It’s heavenly looking, it really is. Sort of other-worldly. Like something out of a JRR Tolkien novel, or CS Lewis. Mythic.

    • It is a stunning landscape.

  3. Lovely to see some snow. From here you can see all the way to the Asiago highland and Monte Grappa on a clear day. Just wonderful! Skiing next weekend!

    • Have a great time skiing.

  4. Gorgeous!!!!!!

    • I have to stop the car regularly to take in the view.

      • Yes, it must be so wonderful to be in a place of so much beauty. I love getting your posts. šŸ™‚

  5. Wonderful scenery!

    • The whole mountain area of northern Tuscany is beautiful, and quite different from the Chianti area.

      • Well, it’s on my list to visit in the next year or so! šŸ™‚

  6. Look at that gorgeous, atmospheric mist! šŸ˜€

    • We have had some wild weather lately, but it makes for some beautiful scenery.

  7. What a Place!

    The view of the valley in between the snow capped mountains looks great.

    And I am just imagining how it would look in summer?

    • It is also stunning in spring and summer…any time really.

  8. How wonderful ! Would love to see Casa Debbio – it must feel like going home!

    • You will have to come to visit one day.

  9. Beautiful in any season!

    • I can’t choose a favourite season, they are all gorgeous.

  10. Lovely photos – that’s some pretty amazing scenery you have there!

  11. Gosh, those views are stunning! (It’s fun to see the WordPress “snow” over the snow-capped mountains, also.)

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  12. WOW! Great photographs… makes me excited. Thank you dear Debra, love, nia

  13. I agree! This looks like it is totally worth braving the cold for!

  14. Fabulous wintry views, Debra. Love the last one the most. šŸ™‚

  15. Deb, the scenery is absolutely stunning! Thank you for taking us on your drive with you!

  16. Beautiful shots Debra….would love to experience a European Winter some day!

  17. Beautiful photos they look like Chines art.
    I visited this area back in 1966
    I never realised it could look as magic as your photos.

  18. breathtakingly beautiful

  19. so beautiful!

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