Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 8, 2013

Blue skies over Lucca

It was a gorgeous autumn day today…perfect for a visit to lovely Lucca. The wall surrounding Lucca has just celebrated its 500th birthday and it is looking wonderful.



A walk around the wall is a necessary part of any visit to Lucca.


The high wall offers great views into the town.





Piazza Anfiteatro has a new sculpture by Paola Epifani, known as Rabarama.


I love the rooftops in the piazza, and the blue skies made everything look especially good.





I am very pleased Lucca is just 30 minutes away from Bagni di Lucca.


  1. How Gorgeous Deb. Glad to have you back in the Northern Hemisphere.

    • It’s good to be back!

  2. Beautiful place… really looks great the wall these days.

    • Lucca really is one of my favourite places in all of Italy.

  3. really beautiful-george

    • It’s all here waiting for you George.

  4. beautiful photographs and wonderful weather… Thank you dear Debra, love, nia

    • The autumn weather is spectacular just now.

  5. Lovely!

    • Lucca is indeed lovely.

  6. Lucca is such a wonderful city! This year we went to the Santa Croce “Luminaria” celebrations and it was a magical sight…

    • I went to the Luminara last year and loved it.

  7. Cracking city. Its got the lot – history,music, food and wine, architecture, even the bike riding is good. Thanks for the photo’s. Just one problem
    (a feathery one to be precise) – pidgeons are a bit of a problem as I found out to my cost one day in the summer. There I was enjoying a gelato in Piazza San Michele then all of sudden I had something extra on my head
    courtesy of rather large pidgeon. Ah well, not to worry, it gave everybody a good laugh at the time!

    • I believe it is considered good luck if a pigeon poos on you.

      • It missed the gelato so thats what I call good luck!

  8. Have just booked for one month in Lucca again for next June/July so your photos are another reason to get excited. It will be hot I know but we want to be there for the Summer Festival plus do things we didn’t do last time – like get the bus to Ponte a Seraglio! Although your experiences on your arrival do not fill me with enthusiasm! We are planning a few days to Lake Como – any suggestions of the best trains to use and where to stay?
    have a a wonderful time settling back into Paradise!

    • We stayed at the wonderful Villa Cipressi in Varenna at Lake Como. It is wonderful. There are several posts on Lake Como on the blog, with suggestions on places to see. In the search box write Lake Como.I really love Villa Balbianello. You can take the train from Milan and then bus or ferry to the villages.

  9. Oh, I bet you’re glad to be back! ( I know I’ve missed some posts. It’s been a crazy week. Hopefully I will catch up.)

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • It is lovely to be back. I am looking forward to dissevering new things and revisiting old friends.

  10. Great photos, Debra. Rabarama’s sculptures are really uniquely different. I was just looking through her gallery.

    • I have seen her work before at Pietrasanta and Pisa airport…very interesting.

  11. It was the perfect day for Lucca. Such a beautiful city it visit….you never get tired of it

  12. You have captured the beauty of a wonderful city very well. Many thanks for the reminders!

  13. We will make a point of looking at the new sculpture when we go for lunch at Paris Boheme this week to see Louis and David.

    • I saw the boys yesterday and all is well there.

  14. Lovely to see you there safe and well x

    • It is good to be back. When do you return?

  15. Ahh, the memories! Thanks for bringing it all back to me. It seems like a dream that at this time last week I was there…

    • Lucca looks beautiful right now.

  16. AHH, yes, the memories. Glad you made it back to Bell’italia safely Deb. Enjoy. MLT

    • It is lovely to be back…and a day in Lucca is just perfect.

  17. Definitely a gorgeous day – and gorgeous shots too. Thanks for sharing šŸ™‚

  18. Blue skies and fluffy clouds. Glad you’re having those days there just as we are here in Japan.

    • The weather is mixed here, but the last few days have been good.

  19. I’ve never been to Lucca and I think I’m missing out! Will have to make a point of visiting on my next trip to Italy.

    • You must come to Lucca…it is gorgeous.

  20. Beautiful travel blog. I love the photography!

    • Thank you. I have many good subjects.

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  22. I just returned from Italy and while there walked the old Medieval wall, then explored the old town. It was just beautiful! Your photos bring it all back. Thank you!

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