Posted by: Debra Kolkka | September 21, 2013

New York stoops, fire escapes and water towers


New York is one of my favourite cities in the world. I love to walk all over the city and I have spent many hours wandering the streets, finding some of the things that make the city so very interesting.

Each part of the city has it s own character. I especially love the areas of Soho, Greenwich Village and the Meat Packing district.

Come for a walk with me while I spot the stoops of the wonderful brownstones, the amazing fire escapes and the water towers perched on top of the buildings.


These amazing fire escapes have featured in so many movies and TV shows they seem very familiar.



I wonder if the water towers are still in use.




  1. Nice. Glad to have discovered your images. Good points of view. Thank you.

    • Thank you for your comments. I love to walk wherever I am so that I get to see things up close.

      • You are welcome. I do too!

  2. You certainly get around Debra, and make interesting observations.
    Great travel tips. Thanks.

    • I was in New York in March to visit my son who is working on Long Island for a year. I have been there many times and I hope to go again soon.

  3. I like the photos of the beautiful buildings. I did not visit New York,I am not sure how safe it is. When I read your post about the city. I am beginning to be interested to see the city.Maybe I will some day.

    • I have always felt safe in New York, and I am often alone on my wanderings. I hope you visit one day soon.

  4. You just made me homesick! New York is a wonderful, vibrant city with so much to offer and discover. We lived there for over twenty years, before moving to the sunshine state. NYC is still my favorite city!

    • Is California the sunshine state? I live in Queensland, the sunshine state of Australia.

      • In Florida, the real sunshine state. LOL

  5. What a great display! Thanks for sharing them πŸ™‚

    • Thank you for visiting my blog…I hope you come back.

      • I definitely will! and you’re quite welcome πŸ™‚

  6. What a fantastic collection! My mother is moving out of NYC in 4 days to be closer to family in her old age. She’s 81. The city has given her life and a reason to get up in the morning for 15 years. I will miss going there. So this is very, very touching to me. And I’m glad to know it’s there, forever, in the digital sphere in case I need to remind myself…Thank you.

    • It would be very difficult to leave New York. I love the city and hope I visit many more times.

  7. I have only been to New York twice but I fully understand the pull of the city. I enjoyed looking at it through your camera lens. The think that struck me when you said that the fire escapes featured in so many movies and TV shows was the extraordinary sense of deja vu I had on my first visit to New York when so much was familiar as I had seen images or screen footage of so many parts of the city over the year.

    • It is amazing how many times New York has featured on the big and small screens…not surprising since it is such a diverse and exciting place.

  8. We’re going to NYC later this year! What a great idea for a post – such an unusual view of the place. Love it!

    • New York is full of interesting things to see and photograph.

  9. So many icons here Debra. You’ve captured them beautifully.

    • Thank you, I love New York!

  10. I love NY too but it’s been way too long since I was last there. Lovely shots which bring back NY memories TY πŸ™‚

    • The weather was not great when I was there, but I got out into the streets anyway. I love to walk around the city.

  11. As expected Debra, your eye is spot on, I lived in NY for a year and never tire of the images either.

    • I have spent quite a lot of rime in New York as my sister worked there for several years. I never tire of the city.

  12. Loved the pictures, thank you for your bird eye view. I haven’t been yet but it is on the list. Here in Chicago a water tower did fall down a few month ago, it had been up there like 125 year, you never know what is around the corner!

    • I hope nothing else falls! I wouldn’t like to be under one of those.

  13. Love the staircases! Very nice.

  14. I’ve never been to New York, but you’ve documented its architecture so well. I also really like how you created variation with the angle and how close up the shot is and all that stuff. Makes for a compelling set of photos πŸ˜€
    I just realized that I sound like a teacher…D:

  15. I love NY, I’ve been there 2 times and it was great. I agree walking the city is the best, it’s amazing to see its architecture, streets, iconic places and overall energy. Love this post!

  16. I had never wanted to visit NYC because I thought it would be dirty and dangerous… Boy, was I mistaken! It was, just as you mentioned, so interesting and diverse! The architecture was amazing, and I found the people to be so charming. Being a city girl myself (SF), I felt quite at home! Yes it was loud and busy, but that’s what makes it New York! Great pics!

    • I love New York and have never felt unsafe there. If you like cites, New York is one of the best.

  17. Some of those brownstones re jewls.
    The collection of fire escapes captures is great.

    • New York is a great city to wander in. There is so much to see.

  18. Picture no.1, like TAXI race..

    • There are certainly lots of yellow cabs in New York…until it rains and you want one.

  19. We love the ‘stoops’. The word is a Dutch contribution to New York English, by the way, dating back to the time New York was ‘Nieuwe Amsterdam’. A Dutch ‘stoep’ is a sidewalk or footpath. The Dutch language is also responsible for ‘dollar’, ‘cookie’ and ‘boss’.

    • We have lots to thank the Dutch for.

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