Posted by: Debra Kolkka | August 17, 2013

Up a lazy river

A couple of weeks ago I took the Miramar up the Brisbane River to Lone Pine to spend a few hours with some iconic Australian animals.

The trip on the river was delightful. The Brisbane river winds in loops around the city and into the suburbs on the way to Fig Tree Pocket and Lone Pine.

Come with me on a gorgeous winter day in Queensland and take a leisurely look at our lovely river banks.











There are some stunning buildings along the river.

We were close enough to the edge to spot a sleeping snake, enjoying some winter sun.


Even when the weather changed and a rain storm appeared the river managed to look beautiful.




City Cats and ferries ply the river as well as the Mirimar, so there are lots of ways to enjoy our Brisbane River.

The river is calm now, but there have been 2 major floods on the river in my lifetime. 2 years ago we watched with horror when the river flooded and destroyed some of the properties along its banks.

If you are interested you can see some of the devastation in the following posts.

A Dark Cloud over Brisbane

Water Everywhere

Cleaning up the filthy, stinking mess

Slightly damp, but clean


  1. I have not forgotten how beautiful it is, but thank you for reminding me!

  2. Beautiful under that cloudy sky…how great to have that kind of nature o close at had…

  3. Beautiful cruise Deb. Such a lovely river to have on your doorstep.

  4. absolutely gorgeous photos! I really should add “buy a house by clean, pristine riverside” onto my bucketlist! 😛 Thanks for sharing the beauty of our world.

    • The Brisbane river is not clear because it is tidal and there have been years of dredging, but it is clean.

  5. […] Up a lazy river […]

  6. Hard to believe that it is winter there. Looks like it could be summer. 🙂

    • Brisbane in winter is gorgeous!

  7. Looks like a lovely and peaceful trip! Wish I could have been there.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • It was a great day.

  8. I beautiful cruise and land indeed.

  9. Lovely shots – I especially like the one with the sky reflected in the water 🙂

    • Thank you, it was a lovely day.

  10. Love, love those clouds reflection on the water. Incredible! The water looks so calm best place to paddle.
    And ooooh that snake is big! I only see snakes like that in cages.

  11. yet even up to the 1930s, the water was said to be very clear, with reports of people seeing the river bed 5 or 6 m below the surface. Swimming was once popular at Oxley Point under the Walter Taylor Bridge .

    • Dredging was the main cause of the colour of the river. Now that dredging has stopped maybe it will slowly get better.

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