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Heavenly music with the angels

Yesterday I went to the launch of the 2013 season of the Concerti degli Angeli Custodi, the wonderful concerts organised by Mattia Campetti. This charming and enterprising young man has been able to collect an amazing team of talented musicians to perform in the incredibly beautiful Oratorio degli Angeli Custodi in Lucca.


Yesterday’s event was a press launch, so there were some brief speeches by Mattia and some very important people.



Best of all, we were given a sample of what to expect when Michelle sang Ave Maria for us. I’m sorry I don’t have sound for you.





…and we were surrounded by angels.




Mattia introduced us to one of his most important sponsors. The nearby baker makes the best foccaccia ever and brought some to share with us.



If you are anywhere near Lucca between May and September you really do have to find your way to the Oratorio degli Angeli Custodi. If what you hear doesn’t make your spine tingle I will want to know why.

Click here to see one of the concerts last year.

The concerts begin at 9.00pm in Via Angeli degli Custodi, Lucca, on the following dates. Each concert costs only 12 euro, so you have no excuse not to attend all of them.

5 May….Viva Verdi.
Giancarlo Monsalve, tenore. Simone Nicoletta, clarinetto. Federico Nicoletta, pianoforte.

11 May…Da Lucca a Berlino.
Michelle Buscemi, soprano. Mattia Campetti, baritono. Peter Paul, baritono. Gerd Rosinky, pianoforte.

19 May…Il Trillo del Diavolo.
Giulia Buccarella, violino. Giuseppe Campagnola, pianoforte.

30 May…Clara Schumann cello ensemble.
Lucio Labella Danzi, concertatore e solista. Valentina Corradetti, soprano.

8 June…Recital per pianoforte.
Fabio Menchetti, pianoforte.

9 June…La Nascita del Teatro.
Allievi della classe di canto del Marco Mustaro Jonathan Brandani, clavicembalo.

15 June…Trio Einstein.
Erica Mazzacua, violino. Paolo Andriotti, violoncello. Fabio Menchetti, pianoforte.

14 July…Vive la France!
Esther Todaro, flauto. Maria Todaro, pianoforte.

19 July…Sacro inCanto
Ensemble Soavi Accenti. Jonathan Brandini, direttore.

21 August…Quadri da Un’Esposizione.
Carlos Goiechea, pianoforte.

23 August…Trilogia Mozart-Da Ponte.
Solisti di Lucca OPERA festival. Jonathan Bradini, pianoforte.

21 September…Haydn – Concerti per Pianoforte.
Cristina Papini, violino I. Davide Quinci, violino II. Francesco Scarpetti, viola. Lorenzo Phelan, violoncello. Fabio Fabbellini, contrabbasso. Jacopo Phelan, pianoforte.


  1. What a beautiful venue. We have added the upcoming concerts to our agenda.

    • You have to go to as many as possible. You will love it!

  2. Thank you, Debra. We shall attend some of these concerts.

    • I’m sure you will both love them.

  3. I love that the baker showed up with focaccia! How perfect.

    • He came straight from his bakery across the road. His bread is delicious. I am very pleased that Mattia included him.

  4. Great – thanks for reminding me about these lovely concerts.

    • I hope to see you at some of them.

  5. Beautiful music, brilliant architecture and delicious bread, What a heavenly trinity!

  6. Thanks for the reminder. We will definitely attend some of these concerts.

    • They are wonderful and it is important to support a delightful young Italian man with good ideas.

  7. You certainly do a wonderful job of not only providing us with the knowledge of special events, places and people but to those you feature as well. A lovely exchange; beautiful locale and beautiful faces. Their voices must be the icing on the cake! Thank you. Again.

    • The concerts are wonderful. I hope you are able to attend some of them.

  8. How ‘rich’ their culture seems – the beautifully decorated building, the music – spoofy looking young Italian men – and the baker and his bread! All bases satisfyingly covered.

    • Yes, what more could you want?

  9. When we were in BdL & visiting Lucca, we went to one of their concerts only to find it had been cancelled because Mattia’s usual co-singer and pianist were sick. However, the ever-so-charming Mattia and another pianist who were practising gave me a private recital, then later another for my friends & some others who also arrived and found it cancelled. I’ll never forget those magic moments.

    • That sounds like Mattia. I hope he does well.

  10. Enjoy …. and I’m sure you’ll be sharing the event pics.

    • I will definitely be doing that.

  11. wonderful pictures! Who is the beautiful female vocalist??? what is her name? I create music also maybe a collab or 2…

    • You should have a look at their website.

      • I will??

  12. Sounds beautiful. I think it’s time I looked up the concert programme in Vicenza and Padova! Xcat

    • I am sure you will find events like this in your town…if not, come to Lucca.

  13. Such great value. Oh, to be in Lucca for even just one of those concerts.

    • The concerts are wonderful…and excellent value.

  14. Foccacia too. Green with envy Debra! 😀

    • It really was the best foccacia I have eaten. I’m so glad the baker came.

  15. Your pictures of the young lady singing are so lovely. Atmosphere makes such a difference sometimes. A concert surrounded by angels sounds like heaven to me!

    • We will be going to the first concert on Sunday night. It is a beautiful venue.

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