Posted by: Debra Kolkka | February 13, 2013

Melting snow in Lucca

I have been very keen for the roads to be safe so I could go to Lucca to see the snow there. Several trees have been brought down because of the weight of the snow and the roads have been cut in a few places.

This morning I pushed a foot of snow off the top of the car and went to Lucca. It is a bit warmer down there below the mountains and most of the snow in the town has melted, leaving just a few remnants on the wall. The 4 kilometre walk around the wall surrounding Lucca is always beautiful…and especially so today.





























I think it is easy to see why I never tire of walking around the Lucca wall.

Click here to see spring on the wall, and here for a gorgeous sunset and here for some random photos of the lovely wall.


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    The snow melting in Lucca…..
    Lovely post from Debra…..

    • I thought you might like this one.

      • i do indeed!! Lovely Lovely Lucca…SIGH!!

  2. Love the pictures Deb! Rosaly <3

    • Lucca always looks good.

  3. Beautiful, Debra! It’s so picturesque, particularly to those of us who never get snow. I’m sure people who live with it all the time must occasionally find it a pain though.. 🙂

    • I loved it the first day in Bagni di Lucca, but when it turned to horrible slush the next day and we sat in heavy fog most of the day I was less impressed…you are up early.

  4. As usual, wonderful photos; thank you. The touch of white just adds to the beauty of this lovely city.

    • Lucca is one of my favourite towns in all of Italy. I love to walk around the wall.

  5. Hi Debra
    Lucca looks as wonderful as ever.
    We’ll be coming to Lucchio in April,our first proper trip to our new house!
    Cleaning and weeding to be done,then plans in May to start fixing the old staircase and clearing the plot next to the house.
    All very exciting.

    • How exciting for you. We will have to get together for a coffee somewhere in Bagni di Lucca.

      • That sounds like a plan,though you’re welcome to visit us at our place.

      • I would love to revisit Lucchio. I need to go all the way to the top to the old castle.

  6. Gorgeous place and your photos -as usual- are great.

    • Lucca is very beautiful…always.

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  8. Lucca’s walls are a treasure and they look magnificent throughout the year. Thank you for the beautiful photos.

    • I wish I had got there before most of the snow had melted, but the roads were just too dangerous.

  9. Exquisite. Thank you for such perfect inspiration Debra. x

    • Isn’t Lucca lovely??

  10. Gorgeous !

    • Lucca is one of the loveliest towns in Italy.

  11. i wish i had had more time in italy there was so much i wanted to do but couldn’t due to lack of time. your photos keep inspiring me to go back 🙂 thanks Deb

    • Once is not enough for Italy.

  12. Lucca a city for all seasons as you have shown in those previous springtime posts. Bet those snow boots are never off your feet these days .

    • The boots have certainly come in handy.

  13. Beautiful photos! I spent last April there and I do miss walking around Le Mura.

    • It is a great walk in any season.

  14. Very beautiful photos Debra
    It is so mystical

    • You will have to visit Lucca on your next trip to Italy.

  15. Just catching up on the last three posts – beautiful door in Florence . I was talking with someone recently about their time in Florence and enthusing with them about the beautiful market there. oh, you’ve been there they said – um, well no, but I’ve got this friend…….! The snow photos look like wonderland – my brother is experiencing snow in Philadelphia and I remarked how beautiful the landscape is and magical, like Narnia, and he replied, “a pox on Narnia!” Obviously the magic was wearing thin!

    • Snow is beautiful, but it can become annoying very quickly, especially when it starts to melt.

  16. Fabulousa!Una Bella passigata vero?

    • It is a great place to walk. I love Lucca.

  17. I never get tired of looking at your beautiful photograph, thanks Debra.

    • Italy is very photogenic.

  18. What a beautiful walk. Love those statues in the garden! We still have a lot of snow here and skiing has been great! Xcat

    • The road to Abetone is busy now as well. The skiing should be good up there for a while.

  19. I’ve never been to Lucca in the winter Debra, I think I need to do so. It is one of my favourite places in Italy. I can see why you never tire of the walls.

    • I love Lucca in winter…but spring is gorgeous too.

  20. I love your photographs, and I love this lovely town. Spring should be soon there… you can’t believe but we are still waiting for snow 🙂 Thank you, have a nice day dear Debra, love, nia

    • We don’t get this much snow here very often, but it is very beautiful when it comes.

  21. Lovely pics – they certainly made up for the fact that we didn’t get to see Lucca and the snow – we only managed to get out yesterday afternoon from our village – now the snow is melting like mad.under blue skies

    • The roads up where you are would be very dangerous in the snow.

  22. I can’t help but love the magical appearance of melting snow with rays of light beaming down, perhaps I would feel different if I had to live through such a winter but your photos are beautiful and make me wish I was standing on Lucca’s wall.

    • I think it would be easy to get sick of snow. It is slippery and dangerous when it starts to melt.

  23. Debra–I don’t even remember how I started following your blog, but I love it–the photographs are wonderful and the narrative is informative and entertaining. I haven’t been to this area, but thanks to your blog, it is on my list. Thanks for sharing!!

    • I hope you come to our area, it is very beautiful. Thank you for your kind coomments.

  24. Beautiful pictures, and I especially like the one with the hanging laundry!

    • The laundry in Italy is very photogenic. I have hundreds of photos of it.

  25. My lovely Lucca! I would be happy to be there any time of year.

    • The summer is a bit hot for me, but any other time I love being here.

  26. What a treat! I’ve never been to Tuscany in the winter, but it looks beautiful.

    • Winter is a great time to be here…without the crowds.

  27. Ahh…even in the winter, Lucca is beautiful. Thanks for sharing the photos – especially the Palazzo Pfanner ones. No matter the season, I can always sit in the little chairs on the wall, and gaze into the gardens, pretending they are mine…!

    • It would be nice to own a little piece of Lucca.

  28. The statues look amazing against the snow.

    • That is a lovely garden which is open to the public in the warmer months.

  29. Hello – I’ve just nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger award – I hope you are able to accept but no pressure if ‘it’s not your kind of thing’ 🙂

    • Thank you for the nomination, and I will take a look at some the blogs I don’t know.

  30. I have noticed lateky that not all thephotos are comming through. Is that a problem on my side or do other have the same problem and that its from your side Deb?? Love that snow.

    • I have found that from my side too, and I have no idea why this is happening. If you click on the scrunched up photo it will appear in full size and then on the post as well. I wish I knew more about this stuff.

  31. Nice of you to take us with you on your walk around the old city wall. I enjoyed it very much. Wish you could share your cafe latte with us 😀

    A bit of sunshine and someone’s immediately hanging up the washing eh?

  32. I’d dearly love to be on those walls today with my family. Whether you are on a bike or on foot they are truly wonderful to walk. I like that cafe/restaurant on the walls – a bit pricey but a nice place to stop if you want a drink part way through your walk; or alternatively you can just pop into the city centre itself or any of the side roads and find a welcoming bar cafe.
    Thanks again for a really nice reminder of Lovely Lucca

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