Posted by: Debra Kolkka | December 13, 2012

Gone Fishing

I love fish, I love the shape of them, the colour…..I find them fascinating. Maybe it is because I am a Pisces. Anyway, here are some I have spotted on my travels.



These are in the Piazza del Popolo in Rome.




Rome again, this time in front of the Pantheon.






The Piazza Navona is always good for finding fish.




I would love this over my doorway…..Rome again.


Poor, frozen fish in Florence.


Once a fish shop in Florence…….nice teeth.


Neptune’s fountain in Florence.


Fishing on the front of the Cathedral in Orvieto.




Found in a wonderful junk yard in Forte dei Marmi.


A fishy door handle in Sardinia.



Fish in Milan.

The next fish are at the fabulous fish market in Venice.



The gorgeous white church in Porto Cervo in Sardegna offered this one.


And a Sardegna deli had these.


I even spotted fish on a Helsinki building.


The brand new giant pike in Helsinki beats them all. Click here to see more on Laulupuut in Helsinki.




Closer to home, here are my own toes encased in fish sandals.



  1. What a wonderful collection, Debra. I especially love the fish door handle AND your adorable sandals!!! Are they Italian??

    • My sandals are Prada from several years ago, and I love them.

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  3. I love the colourful fish sandals.

    • Me too, I had to have them.

  4. Some of those are heraldic representations of dolphins. They tend to look like sea monsters…
    I love your sandals!

    • I know some of them are not strictly fish, but they are a bit fishy.

  5. Absolutely love the fish sandals!!!!:)

    • I couldn’t resist them. I only wear flat shoes, so it is great to find fun sandals like this.

      • πŸ™‚

  6. That’s one heck of a pike in Helsinki!

    • It is very impressive. The pike is new to Helsinki this year. I was there just after it was unveiled.

  7. Definitely something very fishy about your blog today, Debra. Love your sandals. πŸ™‚

    • I love that handle too. I have some ceramic ones, which I forgot to photograph. I might do that right now.

  8. Don’t you love fishing stories! The fish handle is my favourite…I want one!!!

    • The fish handle is great. I would love one on my front door.

  9. Rocking the sandals Debra! πŸ˜‰ Some of those fishies look very familiar to me too!

    • I’m sure you have passed by many of those fish in your travels.

  10. Ha ha !! your fish sandals are a perfect finish!! what an awesome collection, you must have an excellent filing system.. c

    • My filing system is in my head. I wish I knew how to file my photos.

      • clever head..

      • I just have a good memory.

  11. I love how you are blogging by themes, Angels, Fishing… it takes lot of research and a wide traveller like you. It also make your blog invaluable for researchers.
    Nice pictures Deb!

    • I now have thousands of photo to sift through when looking for a theme. Some take a while to collect.

  12. Oh my…something else very specific that we have in common. My house is full of them! Full. I love this post, obviously.

    • I do collect a fair bit of stuff along the way. I love fish, frogs, snakes and a few other things.

  13. Gorgeous sandals Debra and I must say that your pedicure is sparkling! Something I need to attend to! πŸ˜›

    • You may notice that my big toenails are different. I dropped a very large and heavy terra-cotta pot on my right toe and the toenail gre back in a completely different shape. I was lucky it grew back at all, I really smashed my toe.

  14. This is really cool, Debra! Beautiful Sandles.

    • Thank you for visiting and commenting.

  15. Unbelievable! You impress me so much with your eye for details. So so much.

    • I love the small things.

    • I love the small things.

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  17. great sandals! I also love the fishy door handle in Sardinia, well spotted!

    • I love finding small things on my travels.

  18. You have the best ideas (and photos to go with) – that Helsinki pike is kind of creepy, no?

    • I like the Helsinki Pike. It is quite impressive when you are standing beside it.

  19. Beautiful collections!!!

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