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An artist in a castle in Tuscany


I have been following the blog of artist Roberto Alborghetti for some time and was delighted to find that there would be an exhibition of his work in the southern Tuscan town of Piancastagnaio. I need no further excuse to explore a Tuscan town and area I haven’t seen.

The exhibition is being held in the amazing La Rocca Aldobrandesca, an ancient castle in the beautiful hilltop town of Piancastagnaio.



We arrived to find the doors to the castle closed so we wandered in the town for a while and returned in time to meet a charming Italian man heading for the entrance. It just happened to be Roberto, the artist……lucky us. He took us into the castle and we had a personal tour of the exhibition.

The works of art were on display on several floors of the castle. Come for a walk up the many steps, and meet Roberto.




Roberto’s art is unique. He photographs tiny corners of publicity posters, magnifies them many times and transfers them onto paper or canvas, or silk ( to make a limited edition range of silk scarves.) He changes nothing, the colours are the same, the image is the same, but unrecognisable in the new form.

It all began by happy accident when walking through Milan in heavy rain, when he noticed an advertising poster disintegrating in the rain. He saw how fleeting an image can be and his art began.






I found the next piece fascinating. What looks like 2 dancers is in fact a magnification of cracks in the seat of a Milan bound train.


Roberto was at the castle for a few days to speak to students about his style of art. We met him just after one of his lectures and he was excited about the enthusiasm he found with his young pupils.

As a lovely bonus he took us to the top of the castle to see the magnificent views over the Tuscany countryside.



….and the gorgeous Piancastagnaio.



Take a look at Roberto’s blog……..and say hello to this delightful man. One of the the things I love most about my WordPress blog is the lovely people I meet along the way.

For more information about Roberto’s art look atΒ Β


  1. Wonderful, Debra! What an interesting approach to art; I look forward to exploring Roberto’s blog. Serendipity is a great thing. Years ago, we were visiting Seville and I was reading James Michener’s “Iberia.” We stopped into an art gallery owned by an American man who also was a bullfighter mentioned in the book; the gentleman was there, gave us a tour of the gallery and spoke to us at length. Those are moments to remember.

    Oh, and the tiled roof shots – essential Italy!

    • Meeting interesting people is the best part of travelling.

  2. Most unusual and beautiful art. I also think that the silk scarves must be wonderful.
    The rocca is a marvel. It was built by the Aldobrandeschi, a feudal family of Lombard origins who were permanently fighting with everyone around, the Sienese in particular. They produced several mighty warriors, a couple of cardinals and even a Pope (someone had to pray for their souls) until the family became extinct. Their heirs were the Sforzas (Dukes of Milan), another bunch of fearless warriors, but the feudal era was ending.
    Fortunately, the rocca has been restored and it now serves a more peaceful purpose.
    Great photos and the town looks wonderful. Thank you, Debra.

    • So, all their fighting came to nothing in the end. At least they left behind some interesting buildings.

  3. Thanks for sharing the art and capturing the pics from Piancastagnaio.

    Personal request, Have you ever taken pictures in Pescia?

    • I have taken a few photos in Pescia. I sent the post to you ( I hope) As I said, it was siesta time when we were there and I didn’t take many photos. I need to go back, it is not far away.

      • Oh no … I can’t remember!

      • The post was called An afternoon in Pescia. I tried to email it to you yesterday, but I am never sure if these things work.

      • We’ll stay in touch about this. πŸ™‚

  4. What beautiful work! Thanks to sharing! I wish I could paint. I’ve always wanted to but unfortunately I’m not too artistic in this area. My mom is though.

    • You paint with your camera……like Roberto….a little.

  5. oh Deb what a treat! I love every painting!!! I would love one of these scarves for Christmas! ha

    • I’m sure you could buy one through his website.

  6. How did you resist the scarf, was it majorly expensive?

  7. Me too. The silk scarf is quite an art piece. Thanks for such an interesting intro to this very clever artist.

  8. Dear Debra, I have no words to explain my happiness… Thank you so much !!! Your reportage is wonderful. I’m so moved… Thank you!

    • We really enjoyed meeting you and we loved your exhibition Roberto.

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  10. Absolutely fantastic works! Bellisimo!!

    • I hope you take a look at Roberto’s site.

  11. It amazes me how people see things so differently, what an amazing artist.

    • I don’t think I have heard of anyone else doing this.

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  13. Thank you for sharing Debrah, your images are beautiful. i am following Roberto’s blog to since a while, he is a great artist, lucky you to get to meet him

    • Roberto is also charming and very interesting.

  14. beautiful place…thanx

  15. Debra, thanks! What a great connection as you say. I love the look of Roberto’s work. And your photo peeking over the wall is sublime.

    • I’m sure you will love Roberto’s blog.

  16. What beautiful artworks! And magnificent to get a personal tour from the artist himself too! πŸ™‚

    • It was great to have Roberto to show us the exhibition and tell us all about his work.

  17. What beautiful pieces. I would imagine quite a few artists would love to have their artworks displayed in a castle.

    • It was certainly a beautiful place to display his art.

  18. What a wonderful and varied post, Debra. πŸ™‚ I love Roberto’s artwork.

  19. Very nice, Debra, I became acquainted with the artists whom I bought my paintings from. They’re always have that distinct character, every time. Always nice to meet new acquaintances during travel, esp. the ones with creative minds, talents and interesting stories to share. You’re lucky to actually MEET him. And I’m sure Roberto had the pleasure to have met you.

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