Posted by: Debra Kolkka | September 3, 2012

Hello Helsinki

I always have a stop over in Helsinki on my way to Italy. I like flying Finnair and I love Helsinki.
I arrived early this morning to grey sky… changed to blue… rained…..a strong wind blew in a late afternoon storm and the sun came out again. It made for an interesting day.

My first stop was at the brand new sculpture in front of the music centre. It was unveiled just a couple of weeks ago.


There is a new cafe there as well.


I went back later when the sky turned blue.


It was lucky I did. I met a lovely lady who told me the sculpture is called Laulupuut and was created by an artist from Oulu. It was inspired by a poem by Aaro Hellaakoski about a pike who sprang from the ocean and began to sing. The song was so beautiful that the birds in the trees stopped singing.

The beautiful Helsinki cathedral put on a show in the changing light.







The park in Esplanadi was looking gorgeous.


Even later on after the storm.


I managed to catch the Russian church shining in the sun.



Helsinki railway station never fails to impress me.



The theatre and the park beside the station are impressive as well.


The late summer flower displays are looking wonderful.





There were musicians in the streets.



This man had a great view over the park in front of his house.


He would have been able to see the Knit ‘n’ Tag display in the park. Go to my other blog, Beautiful Helsinki to see more of this. (There is a link on the right)


The summer markets by the harbour were in full swing.







The streets of Helsinki are beautiful.




It was a good day in Helsinki….tomorrow I go to Rome.


  1. As usual, your photos are awesome!! Welcome back to Europe, and I hope you accomplish what you hope to regarding your house!

    • I am on my way to lovely Rome right now. I hope it isn’t too hot.

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  3. I love that monument! Gorgeous! And great photos as usual… glad to hear that you are in Europe. See you soon.

    • Isn’t the pike amazing? I had heard that it had been unveiled recently and went straight there.

  4. It looks totally beautiful Debra….I would love to visit Helsinki one day.

    • You should visit Helsinki, it is a beautiful city.

  5. Helsinki looks very attractive – I will definitely have to visit one day.

    • Helsinki is a great place to visit, and not too far away for you.

  6. Fabulous photos Debra, and what a gorgeous day Lyn

    • It was a mixed day weather wise, but beautiful.

  7. I’m pretty sure Finland “is not on the way” to Italy — unless your now living in the Arctic !
    Ciao Tewes

    • Of course it is on the way…if you want it to be. It is a shorter trip via Helsinki than lots of other ways and the flight from Hong Kong to Helsinki is much shorter than to Rome.

  8. Love the skies. How nice to go to Rome, hope you’ll have a fabulous time.

    • I will enjoy a couple of days in Rome before heading to Bagni di Lucca

  9. You certainly experienced the best of all worlds in Helsinki, Deb, with the beautiful cathedrals, the railway station and the flowers. You’ve captured the various seasons in one day. I love the pictures of the folk street buskers expressing such joy and pride in their instruments and in the singing. Am intrigued with the story about the singing pike. I reckon one of the beauties of travel is collecting stories the local people tell along the way. The markets are wonderful as usual. Evidently a full and colourful day for you at Helsinki. It’s great to be a ‘companion’ in your travels.

    • It was lovely to meet and talk to that lady. She loved the sculpture and had been a few times to stand and look at it. She was delighted to share the story. When I travel alone I often have chance encounters with people.

  10. awesome.. amazing sculptures, and not as cold as last time you took us! c

    • The weather was quite warm. I’ll be back in November….who knows what I will find then.

  11. What a beautiful day in Helsinki even with the changing weather which reminded me of Melbourne. Lucky you to be back in Italia. I hope it all goes well with the house.

  12. Yes very reminiscent of Melbourne as Jenny says. But Helsinki has much better sculpture. Hope you had a lovely stopover Debra – and a lovely Finnish feed or two! x

  13. *sigh* I miss Helsinki! And the sweet fruit and delicious juicy peas straight from the pod! 😀

  14. such a lovely place 🙂

  15. Fabulous photos, Debra. I love the story of the pike. 🙂

  16. Had no ideia how great helsinki is. I like how you put two completely different but beautiful churches.

  17. What a fantastic post, bagni, seriously. You definitely made me feel like going there!

    All your pictures were so colorful! Loved them 🙂

    I’ve been away for month and a half, so now I’m back and I hope to be able to check your great travels as I did before 🙂

    Have a nice day bagni!

  18. I am in such anticipation for more of your Italy!! Can’t wait to see the stone house and what’s happened while you were gone. Keep me posted!! Can you see me smiling? Though, surely am jealous….LOL!

  19. Loved the sculpture especially once it was explained! Markets look gorgeous and how fun is knit n tag! Helsinki looks a great city. Safe travels
    Carla x

  20. Beautiful photographs again but this knitted tree fascinated me 🙂 Thank you dear Debra, love, nia

    • It was a fun collection in the park.

  21. That rail way station really is quite spectacular. Good to some yarn action happening too 🙂

    • The railway station in Helsinki is magnificent, I love those stone men.

  22. thanks Deb, I hadn’t looked at your Helskinki post yet, what a trend it must be sweeping the world, trust we globetrotters to find it.

    • There is more on the display on my other blog Beautiful Helsinki.

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