Posted by: Debra Kolkka | August 29, 2012

Seaside Sardinia

I do like to be beside the seaside and Sardinia has some spectacular rocky beaches.






















If only it had been warm enough to swim while we were there.

For a local’s insight into Sardinia take a look at Jennifer’s blog, La Mia Vita Sarda.


  1. hi debra: my daughter did a 3 month intership in Sardinia; she said it had the most beautiful beaches. very beautiful. ciao.

    • the comment debra about my daughters internship was by george. i dont know why my name doesnt apprear. ciao.

    • Sardinia is gorgeous, you will have to visit.

  2. Hi Debra, waking up this morning to this wonderful colourful post which really captures how beuatiful the beaches and the waters are around Sardinia. Loved doing the trip with you and loved these photos – just hope one day to go back there and see more of that magical place.

    • Those protected beaches were gorgeous.

  3. Reminds me of Mission Beach !

  4. Hi Debra, beautiful pictures!

  5. The cloud formation on the seascape looks interesting! Enjoyed the ‘stroll’ with you, Debra, especially the little surprises around each corner of tiny coves, clear waters, rock formations and pretty flowers along the way.

    • Sardinia is a stunning island.

  6. Fabulous location and pics. My absolute favorite is the one with the boat.

    • Sardinia is lovely….at least the north is, we didn’t have enough time to see the south of the island.

  7. Those clouds look like thunders. So thin, It’s so cool.
    And those rocks…. Oh how simple as rocks can bring so much decoration to an area.

    • The rocky beaches are very beautiful. Next time I hope it is warm enough to swim.

  8. So gorgeous there, adding it to the list.

    • You should go to Sardinia, the island is stunningly beautiful.

  9. Same color scheme as at by Malene Birger.
    Lovely photos.

    • Thank you, the colours are divine.

  10. It looks really wonderful there. Thanks for your lovely photos, Debra.

    • I had lots of fun gathering the photos.

  11. Lovely photos and thanks for the mention.

    Do you happen to know the name of the purple flowers?

    • The flowers may be morning glory, but I am not sure. The pink ones are called Pigface in Australia, a not very nice name for such pretty flowers.

      • That’s a horrible name for such a beautiful flower! I wonder whose idea that was.

  12. Hi Debra, these photos take my breath away, they are fabulous and how gorgeous is the water Lyn

  13. Sardegna seems so calming Debra. This is such a lovely post today. Winter has returned with a vengeance but now I can dream….. Are you almost packed??? x

    • I am still working at the fashion festival. I think I will be packing on Sunday morning before I fly.

  14. Divine Debra……I’m in Berlin at the moment but those cool azure waters and shores speckled with lavender and wildflowers look so serene. Would love to get to Sardinia one day. A bientot.

    • Berlin is a great city, I’m sure you are having a great time, and you should go to Sardinia.

  15. Sardinia is beautiful and its colours fantastic. Very well depicted in your photos, Debra.

    • The colour of the sea is heavenly.

  16. Beautiful seaside photos Debra! 😀 I’ve never been to Sardinia but it looks very serene.

    • I’m sure you will get to Sardinia one day.

  17. Wow looks amazing!

  18. sardinia is soo beautiful, the sea amazing.. and the pics are great.

  19. Lovely photos, Debra. Who’s the guy planked out on the dock?? We spent a week in S once, but it was too cool to bathe, so we explored the interior – fascinating and beautiful (I took 1,000 photos probably) (not really – only 800).

    • I don’t know who he was, just a person enjoying the sun. It was too cold to go to the beach while we were there too, but it was very beautiful.

  20. Looks stunning! I would like to visit Sardinia too, maybe next summer…

    • You should, it is gorgeous.

  21. Great photos once again 🙂

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