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Canals of Amsterdam

There are more canals in Amsterdam than in Venice. They are completely different from the Venetian canals and quite fabulous in their own way.


























As well as wandering around the city streets it is possible to take a canal tour. You get a completely different perspective of the city from a boat on the canals.


  1. Your pictures are stunning; as always! I never knew there were so many canals in Amsterdam. How beautiful! And how much fun they can be!

    • Amsterdam is a very interesting city and the canals are amazing.

  2. Great pictures. I must go back to Amsterdam, sometime it’s a lovely city.

  3. Amsterdam is also called the “Venice of the North”; however, I do not think that we should compare the two cities as they are both beautiful and each one has its own personality and style. Great photos, Debra!

    • I agree, both places are gorgeous, but quite different.

  4. Beautiful photos, and the canals look so inviting!

    • The canals are beautiful aren’t they?

  5. Wow Debra, you’ve captured some some amazing skies too. And I love the house boats, especially the one with a hundred pot plants! Beautiful post, Amsterdam here I come!!!

    • The blue skies were divine…they look like paintings.

  6. How fabulous! I visited Amsterdam a long time ago and always thought I never had a chance to explore it properly. Recently, I’ve been thinking intensely about another trip to Amsterdam and your post got me really excited!

    • Amsterdam is a great city to visit, I would go back any day.

  7. We did the canal tour and enjoyed the trip thoroughly. Yes, Deb, you are right, there are different aspects of Amsterdam while observing from a boat ride. Occasionally, we had to crouch down to our knees under some low bridges – all fun! For all the congested space, the Dutch are a tidy people and imaginative with their canals and pretty foliage. We loved Amsterdam and can easily return there.

    • The canal tour was fun, but I had trouble taking photos from down there and eventually just gave up.

  8. Very beautiful pictures!

  9. When I was in Amsterdam in the spring, I stayed on a houseboat on a little side canal. It was a very unique experience for me. I loved being right on the water. We didn’t have any trouble with waves or the houseboat rocking. It was quite stable. I would definitely love the opportunity to do that again.

    • I would love to stay in a houseboat on a canal! They looked so inviting.

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  11. I would love to return to Amsterdam one day. Those canals are fabulous. I have very happy memories of my visits there to see relatives, many years ago.

    • It is a great city with lots to do…we loved it.

  12. I’ve been on one, oh so long ago! Time to return šŸ™‚

    • We had a week in Amsterdam….not really enough.

  13. It must be so peaceful and relaxing to wander along the canals. You photos make them look so inviting – I must go back!!

  14. I loved the canals in Amsterdam! They’re very photogenic as you’ve shown too! šŸ˜€

  15. Such a beautiful city. I would love to go back one day.

  16. Love that dog sitting so tidily on the blanket in the boat. I think the Dutch have about 20 different words for ‘canal,’ each one expressing a subtle distinction of one canal from another. Just like the Inuit have 20 words for ‘snow.’ Or something like that. Love your photos of the tall, narrow houses and all the boats.

    • We loved Amsterdam. It is a great city to visit.

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