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There are images of Mary all over Italy. Sometimes she is alone and sometimes she is with her baby, some are beautiful and some not so much, but all are fascinating. Some may not be Mary, (I am not catholic, so I’m not too sure about Mary) but here they are anyway.






































I don’t think I will ever run out of Marys.


  1. I think this is one of your best Debra. Some so beautiful, others interesting, but all wonderful. Thanks for this one.

    • Thank you, I had fun collecting the photos.

  2. I am so moved by this post Debra. I didn’t expect to be. It’s so beautiful.

    • Some of the Marys are lovely aren’t they?

  3. Thankyou. Lovely photos.

    Cheers Judy.

    • These lovely Marys are everywhere,including Bagni di Lucca.

  4. Thank you for the lovely pictures of Mother Mary. Don’t see many of those in the secular suburbs I live in.

    • There are not too many in Brisbane either.

  5. I love these photos. I find some sort of comfort when I’m in Italy and I see Mary in so many places.

    • Several of the Marys are in Lucca.

  6. You captured quite the variety …. well done!

    • There are lots to choose from.

  7. On a hike last summer in the hills above Menaggio, we took a rocky path through woods on a trail that had not been maintained. It was probably used for years as a route between small villages in the hills. Along the trail, we found three or four stone structures with small statues of Mary. But they were dusty, littered with cobwebs, twigs, dirt, and debris. I imagined that young catholic goys and girls had been encouraged to clean the statues as part of their religious training. But it appeared no one had bothered to clean the statues in many years.
    I can only imagine how many other Mary statues are turning to rubble and dust as attendance in catholic churches in Italy continue to plunge..

    • Most of the ones I see are cared for. There are usually tiny shrines in the villages of Bagni di Lucca and they seem to be much loved.

  8. this is a beautiful collection of photos….thank you for posting it!
    I have some beautiful pictures of Mary as she appeared in a small town near my home….I treasure them….and can’t believe I captured the apparition on film.

    • I’m pleased you enjoyed my little collection.

  9. […] Mary ( […]

  10. Beautiful collection of photos, Debra! Italians have always had a deep devotion for Mary and all of her different names. It is linked to the love and profound respect for the image of the mother. Mary represents the eternal mother not only of Jesus, but also of all human beings. And she is also an excellent advocate when we need divine intervention.

    • It does seem that Italians love their mothers.

  11. You are so right. They are all over. there even is one on the lower portion of the Murano lighthouse!

    • There is a never ending supply of Marys in Italy.

  12. Goodness, there are a lot of them! I still like the first one best.

    • The first one is in a glass case in Ravello. I also like the fourth one. She is tiny and lives on the front of a house in Bagni di Lucca, close to my place.

  13. I like the simplicity of the last one… lovely

    • I love the ” home made ” ones.

  14. I do like the one with the pigeon… It looks so contented. And the ‘naive’ one which is about ninth from the bottom – it just appeals to me.

    • The one with the pigeon is in Venice and the other one is in the Bargello museum in Florence.

  15. What a great collection of Madonna images!

    • There are plenty to choose from in lovely Italy.

  16. Some of those are really lovely indeed. I was struck at how many there were in Italy too 🙂

  17. What an amazing collection! The variety in styles is amazing. You really capture the essence. And they all look like Mary to me, although I am not Catholic either.

    • Mary comes in all shapes and sizes in Italy.

  18. Really enjoyed these photos D… particularly the photo of the four statues in the alcove surrounded by vines. I love the icon of Mary (though not religious myself) and have collected many during my travels 🙂 M

    • That little one with the group of 4 is in an alcove in a fence in the village of Anchiano, near Bagni di Lucca.

  19. I too am a catholic – though a lapsed one so I loved looking at these images as they brought back memories of my convent schooldays where once a week in May we had a procession and laid some flower in front of a statue of Mary in the school grounds. We loved it not I think for religious reasons but more because it was a break from school routine.

    • I grew up without religion, but I can certainly appreciate all the lovely things built because of it.

  20. I wish she would smile, just once…

    • Now there is a thought. I try to find a smiling one.

  21. And what a beautiful set of photos! My home country (Finland) is very protestant, so we don’t see much of Mary anywhere. And I think it’s ok. Religious beliefs are different. 🙂 But myself being an orthodox, Mary plays important role, though I don’t feel very religious person myself.

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