Posted by: Debra Kolkka | July 10, 2012

Winter sky


This is the sky over Brisbane late yesterday afternoon. Today it is raining…..but that’s OK too.


  1. Beautifully tumultuous sky!

    • It was a gorgeous sky, now it is grey.

  2. Beautiful picture of the winter sky in Brisbane still in shades of blue. I wonder if it’s my imagination in detecting a head of a dragon spewing out fire in the cloud shapes?

    • It is possible to see all kinds of things in clouds, that’s what makes them so fascinating.

  3. It looks like something was brewing. I love the shade of blue.

    • Rain clouds were brewing and now the sky is a lovely shade of grey.

  4. Winters in Brisbane and the Gold Coast are mild compared to the in Europe…

    • Winter here is delightful, which is why I like to come home for it.

  5. Can we borrow a little of your rain? Just at night of course!

    • Bagni di Lucca could do with some rain, the river looks very low in your photos.

  6. Beautiful dynamic cloud photo!

    • Clouds are endlessly fascinating.

  7. Love the movement in the clouds, Deb.

    • It was a gorgeous sky.

  8. a beautiful rainy “Melbourne” day in sunny Brisbane! x

  9. It has proven to be a very hot summer here so far. Winter sounds nice now!

    • Our summers are very hot….I escape to Italy.

      • Yes I remember that it gets really really hot in Australia. My parents have played golf there in intense heat and almost got heat stroke! Italy sounds perfect!

      • I love Brisbane, but the summers are just too hot for me so I escape to Italy for a bit of lovely winter and spring.

  10. It’s such a dreamy picture- lovely!

    • I couldn’t resist taking the photo.

  11. We have skies over Australia like nowhere else in the world…

    • We do….and I love them.

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