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Another good reason to eat gelato

The people at Venchi have been making chocolate since 1878….and they are good at it. Here is what they say about themselves.

Since 1878 the ‘chocolate soul’ has been expressing through unique products, in which the Italian taste is the absolute protagonist. Exclusive recipes and extraordinary raw materials, which have never been altered by chemical processes or preservatives, are the key points of Venchi’s success.

Now the good people at Venchi make gelato and there is a store in Florence in Via Roma, not too far from the Ponte Vecchio.




In the name of research I had to try the gelato on a recent trip to Florence. I sampled the fig and marscapone and it was too delicious for words.




Their gelato is made on site using only natural ingredients and flavours that change with the seasons.

Now I have to divide my gelato eating between Grom, San Crispino and my all time favourite, Paolo’s gelato in Fornaci di Barga. Life is tough.

Don’t ever eat inferior ice cream, life is too short. Soft serve ice cream is made from hydrolyzed muck.


  1. On our third week here and we haven’t missed a day of gelato!

    • Well done! Have you been to see Paolo yet?

  2. OH yes please! I’ve been on a gelato kick for a few weeks now, it’s part of my daily diet! 😉

    • Italian gelato is the BEST!

  3. Your title implies people need more than one reason for gelato! 😉 …. and to those people, get a life!

    • I agree! Gelato eating is necessary.

  4. I ate Gelato every single day while I was in Italy. You can never go back to cheap ice cream after that. This makes want to go back so bad….

    • I would rather go without than eat bad ice cream.

  5. Ah Debra we share the same passion. We have only been back in England 5 weeks and we are missing our morning gelato from Il Monaco!

    • I missed you while I was there. I was at Il Monaco every morning.

  6. What a dilemma Deb – we will just have to eat more – now 2 great spots in Florence that investigating on each visit

    • Yes, we will be on the horns of a dilemma….Grom or Venchi. We could do both, which would solve the problem.

  7. Gelato research is hard work but someone has to do – lucky you.

    • I take my gelato research very seriously.

  8. Glad I’m sipping a yummy cappuccino as I read or I’d have to start hunting for ice cream (and of course nothing here compares with gelato there). Fortunately yummy cappuccino does it for me.

    • I love my coffee, and once again, I think Italy does the very best….and it is inexpesive there.

      • I get my coffee from a small company owned by an Italian and a blend that’s like what my Tuscan guide/friend explained to me so I do my best to capture that flavor but yes, nothing quite like a cup in Italy, preferably sitting in some lovely piazza…

  9. As another gelato “researcher”, I’m glad to know about this place – I will definitely go there next time I’m in Florence!

  10. When we were in Bagni I read that there is a “gelato diet”. I may try that one next time… possibly, because the real Italian gelato is all natural and without chemical additives it may work. In any case… it would be yummy!!!

    • I think it would work….anyway, I am prepared to give it a go.

  11. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! How delicious Italian galeto… I was crazy with them… Your photographs made me hungry now… Thank you dear Debra, have a nice weekend, love, nia

    • I love Italian gelato. I have to wait until September for more.

  12. Well that was mouth wateringly good! Thanks for sharing

    • Italian gelato is delicious…you need to eat lots.

  13. Those photos are so seductive and “fig and mascarpone” — we wants it!

    • I am keen to get back there for more.

  14. Yummy! Now I can’t WAIT to get back to Firenze in Novembre for gelato at Venchi. What a treat that will be. Thanks for doing so much “research” for us all out here! LOL!

    • I had heard that Venchi had opened in Florence, but somehow I missed it on earlier trips.

  15. Fig and marscapone gelato……..yum! I love anything with figs so this would be a must for me! What a great job…gelato researcher!

  16. Gelato research is something I take seriously.

  17. You had me at gelato!

    There is a GROM right near my office in Manhattan. I had no idea there were locations in Italy. Now that you’ve recommended it, I will absolutely have to try GROM next week.

    • Grom started in Torino and is slowly expanding. I go regularly to the one in Florence and occasionally to Siena. They are consistently good, so I’m sure the New York one will be too.

  18. Debra you tease. How can you do this to me? You know ice cream here is very hard to compare to.
    Totally agree about the soft serve. Life is way to short.

    • I think is the freshness and lack of preservatives that makes the most difference. Paolo makes his gelato on site every morning.

  19. Sage advice. Quality gelato all the way…Life’s too short. I spotted this gorgeous new store a few Sunday’s ago. It was hard to get close – and it wasn’t even a hot day! Do you know Perche’ No? My top gelateria in Florence. One for our big day out in Firenze. We can tick off all our favourites!

    • I haven’t tried that one. We will definitely have a day in Florence together soon.

  20. I’ve never had gelato as delicious as the one that I had in Italy. All those flavours! Heaven 😀

    • I think Italian gelato is the best!

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