Posted by: Debra Kolkka | June 5, 2012

Sardinia rocks

Sardinia is a rugged, windswept, rocky island off the coast of Italy. The rock formations are incredible. Millions of years of salt laden winds have eroded the rocks into bizarre shapes…..endlessly fascinating and very beautiful.

























  1. Hi there! This is so funny, you are from Australia and I am from Tuscany (Florence)… as I saw the pics of this post, before reading your blog, I thought these rocks were the ones on Kangaroo Island, South Australia, which I have visited a long time ago, they look soooo similar! So funny how things work out. Ciao! Giulia

    • I am in Tuscany right now, in Bagni di Lucca. I haven’t been to Kangaroo Island, I love Sardinia……and Florence.

    • I thought the same thing, visited the “Remarkable Rocks” on Kangeroo Island off the coast from Adelaide – same exotic shapes and forms courtesy of wind and ocean. Wonderful shots, Debra!

      • It gets pretty windy in southern Australia too.

  2. Breathtaking!!!!

    • Breathtaking is a great description of Sardinia.

  3. So many years since I’ve been there, I’d forgotten how gorgeous it is, in that windswept way.

    • It was our first trip to Sardinia. It won’t be the last

  4. Goodness, those formations are stunning.

    • Sardinia is gorgeous….especially if you like rocks.

  5. They are amazing, like a sculpture… Thank you dear Debra, you captured wonderful photographs. With my love, nia

    • It is easy to get good photos in Sardinia.

  6. Weee! You’ve been blogging and posting pictures of landmarks, statues and some greens and blues. And you still nail an outstanding post that features stunning rock formations. Way to go, Debra. Did you know wordpress have you as recommended travel blog? … that’s in Reader – Recommended Blog – Click Travel – and ahoy! I saw your blog as one of the handpicked few.

    • I didn’t know about WordPress and the travel thing. Thank you for pointing it out.

      • It probably doesn’t show on yours. It probably shows in 460,000 + wordpressers.

      • It doesn’t show on mine, but I’m glad you spotted it.

  7. Those rock formations remind me of the Remarkable Rocks on Kangaroo Island. Yes, it’s fascinating to see how these formations are sculpted by wind and sea. One’s imagination can run freely when observing those shapes – picture 3: a turtle on its back; picture 4: a parrot’s beak; picture 6: an elephant rearing its trunk; picture 8: a whale’s tail; picture 12: heads of a wolf pack; picture 17: mother sheep nuzzling a newborn lamb; picture 18: an elephant’s spine; picture 19: the Hunchback of Notre Dam. Nature is an art in itself.

    • Somebody else commented on the similarities of Sardinia and Kangaroo Island. I have to go there.

  8. They look like they sprung from an artist’s imagination. Do people see images in them the way they do with clouds?

    • I think you need to read Sandra H’s comment.

  9. nature always has its way of showing wonderful things! Awesome pics 🙂

    • You can’t beat nature for spectacular.

      • you bet 🙂

  10. Amazing. And to unsouthernbelle (love that name. I’m an unsouthernbelle too): I think the answer must be “yes.” I kept seeing things, animals, faces, profiles…

    • I have other photos of more specific rock shapes that will eventually appear.

  11. Wonderful rock formations! Sardinia is a magic place.

    • Sardinia is fabulous and definitely needs to be explored more.

  12. You made it to Valle della Luna!! I know that rock face very well, great shots!

    • There is just so much to see in Sardinia…gorgeous.

  13. Fabulous rock sculptures! – Naturally, I absolutely have to love this post 🙂

    • They are pretty good looking rocks.

  14. Great capture of nature’s slow sculpturing technique. Fascinating!

    • Thank you, Sardinia is a beautiful place.

  15. Wow amazing and broody, almost dangerous looking at times! fantastic images.. c

    • Sardinia’s landscape is stunning.

  16. Your photos certainly have the imagination running wild!! It’s amazing what erosion can do!

    • It is certainly a very dramatic landscape.

  17. Such beautiful forms Debra. Real sculptures. The colours are wonderful too.

    • I think you need to visit Sardinia, it is a completely different Italy.

  18. I just pinned one of your pics. These rocks and your pictures are amazing!

    • It is amazing how fascinating rocks can be.

  19. […] visited Sardinia in April. It is a gorgeous rocky island not far from the Italian mainland. We stayed at La Maddelena […]

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