Posted by: Debra Kolkka | June 3, 2012

The white giants have arrived in Lucca


The huge white magnolias have started to bloom in Lucca and surrounds. The trees are very impressive even without the flowers, now they are magnificent. The flowers are the size of dinner plates and the bees love them.




















This tree is in front of the Lucca railway station. I wonder where the bee hives are.


  1. Thanks Deb, since recently planting my tree I now look forward to a bounty as beautiful as yours.

    • I hope you get lots of huge flowers.

  2. The magnolias are glorious – Is there a fragrance?

  3. So beautiful!!!! The bees seem to be having a great time…

    • The bees were in a frenzy buzzing in and out of the flowers.

  4. Enjoy the magnolias as long as you can, Debra!

    • I’m not sure how long the flowers last. The flowers haven’t appeared in Bagni di Lucca yet as it is a bit cooler here.

  5. OMG, these are gorgeous!

    • The flowers are incredible aren’t they.

  6. Beautiful, what perfect form. I didn’t know that the flowers grew that big!

  7. Fantastic shots! I love the dancing bee’s!

    • The bees were beside themselves with glee over these blossoms. I love those little sacs they are carrying and you can see the pollen on their little bodies.

  8. They must be enormous! I’ve never seen so many bees in a flower before! šŸ˜®

    • The flowers really are the size of dinner plates.

  9. Beautiful picture

  10. I never realised the flowers could be so big – either that or the bees are tiny! Magnolia honey must be divine (if there is such a thing)

    • The bees were just regular sized bees. I have never seen magnolia honey. I guess there are lots of blossoms at this time so it probably be millefleur honey.

  11. Magnificen indeed!

    • They are amazing flowers.

  12. Wow Debra! These are absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

    • They certainly are, and enormous!

  13. Absolutely gorgeous photos – and the bee shots, wow! Thanks for sharing this, I imagine the smell was divine.

    • I was busy balancing on a wooden bench and concentrating on not falling off while trying to get the bees to be still. I didn’t notice the fragrance….I will return.

  14. Wow … thanks for capturing the beauty and sharing with us.

  15. Those are some busy bees, indeed! I would bet that the honey would be tasty and beautiful. Have you ever known anyone to make it? That would be fun to know.

  16. Lovely images. There is something special about magnolia trees.

  17. What a beautiful post… fascinated me all these photographs, I love them so much. Thank you dear Debra, love, nia

  18. The first Milanese house we lived in had one of these. What a treat when it bloomed.

  19. Magnolia flowers are heavenly, I have two trees in my garden and love it when those huge flowers are in bloom. You are in a truly beautiful part of the world, thank you for sharing it with us.

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