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Hooked on Amsterdam

I always hate to leave Italy, but an adventure in Amsterdam called. We flew over the Alps on a gorgeous sunny morning.


Take a closer look at that peak.


Holland looks very neat and very green from above.



We hit the ground running and headed straight for the centre of Amsterdam. There are some absolutely gorgeous buildings in the city and I will show you these soon, but the things that fascinated me the most are the hooks at the top of many of the houses.













I’m guessing they were used to haul things up from the footpath. I would hate to think they were used as a form of torture where wrong doers were suspended by the nostrils ( or other bits ).


  1. You are correct, the hooks are used for hauling things in and out of the house. One visit to Amsterdam a few years ago I witnessed a few guys moving into their new pad. It was quite the show!

    • I hope we get to see those hooks in action.

  2. Yes, the hooks were the first things we noticed about the houses in Amsterdam. We were fortunate to see someone haul up a large bed into the top window by using the pulleys attached to the hooks. It was fascinating to watch. Amsterdam is a marvellous place to explore. Do hire bikes to ride over the canals – good fun! I recommend a visit to Alkmaar on a Friday for the cheese-carrying competitions.

    • Yesterday was sunny and blue, today we have rain….a good day for the museums and galleries.

  3. Most of the Dutch furniture delivery vans these days have lifts on the back, so the hooks are seldom used, unfortunately. The lifts aren’t nearly as much fun.

    Also occupational health and safety regulations ban the delivery guys from carrying stuff up your stairs, as I discovered when our lift was out of action.

    A friend and I hoisted the sofas up ourselves, though one of the delivery men was big as the two of us together.

    • We will keep our eyes peeled just in case one is put into action.

  4. Skyhooks perhaps? Look at that sky!!! Just to think you had to go to Holland for the sun… Super interesting and beautiful as ever Debra. Thanks. Can’t wait for the next chapter… xx

    • Today it rained on and off, but we got some blue sky.

  5. very nice picture…Amsterdam it’s very beautiful…

    • Amsterdam is a gorgeous city, with lots to see and do. We will be busy this week.

  6. Have a great time in Amsterdam.

    • Thank you, it is all good so far.

  7. Something for me to notice if/when I ever get there! Enjoy your visit.

    • Amsterdam is a great city, you should visit.

  8. Wonderful pictures of all those hooks Debra. My husband & I had Christmas 1966 in Amsterdam with a family with 16 children. What an experience. That together with a visit to the Rijksmuseum made Amsterdam one of our favorite cities of the world.

    • We went to the museum today….it’s great

  9. How interesting Debra. Some of the houses look fascinating too. Shame the sun’s disappeared but have fun and enjoy the visit!

    • We had some sun on and off….nothing much you can do about the weather.

  10. And here I was thinking that they were the perfect solution to hanging baskets of flowers!

  11. Deb, what interesting angles to view Amsterdam from! Overhead and looking up! What a puzzle – I hope you figure out what the hooks were used for and let us know! 🙂

  12. Those are, indeed intriguing looking. And the sky looks so intensely blue.
    Hope you enjoy your stay.

    • The sky is very blue…sometimes.

  13. Wonderful pictures Deb! I love Amsterdam too yet it has been a long time since I was last there. You are so lucky to spend so much time in Europe as everything is so close!

    • I know! It only took 2 hours to fly here from Pisa and we love it.

  14. The reason for the hooks is for moving furniture into the houses as the staircases in old Dutch houses are very steep and narrow and you would not be able to get your furniture in. The lack of space I guess in Holland being such a small country with so many people. There is an old museum house in Amsterdam which you can visit and is left they way it was back in the 1600’s It belonged to a trader in the old days and has secret strair cases for the servants to move about without being seen by the owners.

    • The hooks are a great idea. We are hoping to see one being used, but I guess it doesn’t happen much now.

  15. Amsterdam is such a wonderful city. Have a good trip Debra.

    • Amsterdam is gorgeous. I din’t know why I haven’t been here before.

  16. Weeee. Hope you have a great time there. I consider it to have the most fascinating city center because of the bikes, tilted houses, the MJ’s and of course, the RLD.

    • The bikes are a bit crazy. It seems wherever I stand, I am in the wrong place.

  17. Looks fantastic. A great city. We are now back in Bagni di Lucca after our trip to the Cinque terre which was fantastic. And yes the pesto was excellent.

    • Amsterdam is lovely, but it is a bit cold and very windy.

  18. I haven’t been in Amsterdam for quite a long time, but I do remember the hooks. They must have been very handy and I wish we had one in the mill when we had to get our bed into our bedroom!!! Well, then, we would have had to get through the windows… Old buildings are lovely, but they do have their problems.

    • There are some wonderful, crooked old buildings here, quite different from those in Italy.

  19. We love to see our Holland through your eyes!!!

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