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Changing Seasons II

Whilst it is autumn in Bagni di Lucca and the rest of Europe, it is spring in the Southern Hemisphere – well parts of it anyway. We who live in Brisbane experience a sub tropical climate, which means we only really have two seasons. In southern Australia however, there are indeed four seasons. I was in Melbourne at the beginning of spring and after a long dreary cold and wet winter, it is like watching a miracle. The buds burst from the trees, the leaves start appearing, at first pale green and the bulbs begin to appear almost overnight. Suddenly the shine shines for longer periods and life begins again. It really is a joy to see.

Delphinium Blue

Soft green leaves appearing

More lovely spring flowers

Spring is so beautiful in places where there are actually four marked seasons – a renewal of life, a promise of the beautiful long summer days. We who come to Italy regularly have the joy of being able to experience the flowers, fruits and weather of each season and appreciate them. The lucky people in the south of the huge continent that is Australia see it too.

Pretty in pink

Click here to see the beautiful jacarandas in Brisbane. Our spring is beautiful too.


  1. Springs is so lovely to think about here in Kentucky, especially as winter approaches. Great photos, Deb.

    • Liz took these photos in Melbourne before she came to Italy.

  2. Spring flowers are gorgeous (I simply love those blue delphiniums!!!!); however, spring in the North of Spain is quite rainy. I still prefer autumn, my favourite season.

    • I love all the seasons especially as I live in Brisbane & only get a chance to experience them when in Italy or Melbourne. One day I’ll get to Spain

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  3. Beautiful photos, Liz! It’s nice to see both sides of the globe represented on your blog! 🙂

    • Yes & we are most fortunate to be able to experience both / we are very lucky

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  4. love tht spring blossom!

    • Grazie an he io

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    • I meant grazie anche io

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  5. Those beautiful flowers is a breathing proof how beautiful and inspiring this seasons are. Wonderful city, vibrant and full of life. As for Texas, weather is getting cold but still pleasant. We don’t have those amazing wild flowers but it still has shades of greens. Best wishes….

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