Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 26, 2011

When in Naples try a sfogliatella

You have to try one of these if you come to Naples. In Bagni di Lucca we have the sfoglia and in Naples there is sfogliatella.


This delicious little pastry is everywhere in Naples. It is generally served warm, dusted with icing sugar, which will fall all over your clothes. It seems to be constructed from one long piece of delicate pastry. When you bite into one it will unravel like an old sock and the contents will drop onto you shirt. You must eat them very carefully, and you should eat them for they are delicious.


I have lots more to share with you about Napoli, but I am off to Sorrento now to visit my relatives, so the next post will be from S’Agata, near Sorrento where the family lives.


  1. I think I’m putting on weight just reading your posts. Where can you buy something like this in Brisbane?

    • I haven’t seen anything like this, but we must have them, we have lots of Italian style coffee places. I will investigate on my return.

  2. The “sfogliatella” is basically puff pastry with a filling which can be a custard, a cream or even savouries. It is believed to be of Middle Eastern origin and related to the phyllo pastry concoctions which come from there. They can be called “sfogliatella” in Italy, “mille-feuilles” or “napolitaine” in France, “milhojas” in Spain. They say that the Arabs brought this recipe with them in the 8th Century and it was adopted by the Europeans.
    In any case and under any name, they are delicious.

    • Thank you very much to the Arabs.

  3. Yum, Can we get this at the French Twist ??

    • There would be French equivalent, but it would be slightly different.

  4. We ate a sfogliatella when we were in Sorrento, al crema e cioccolato.. it was sooo delicious. we loved Sorrrento alot, even though we just there a couple of hours. we visited a narrow market street, full of shops, and resto… very beautiful… actually, i posted few pics about Sorrento on my blog. im sure you have seen them. so ill be waiting for your pics about Sorrento. 🙂 ciao

  5. I LOVE THESE. omg. Yum. ‘bough said.

  6. ‘nough said, is what I meant, but the computer changed the spelling automatically without me noticing. What’s a ‘bough anyway?

    • Computers do strange things sometimes.

  7. I was asked about these last year by someone and had to look them up and spent a good few hours looking at videos on YouTube on how to make them and then I backed off, thinking it was seriously above my skill level …. Another enticing reason to visit Napoli xxx

    • It is worth a trip to Napoli for these alone.

  8. Congratulations, you have shown wonderful pictures again in both Naples issues…

    • Napoli has lot to offer.

  9. How about a phonetic spelling for this delicious pastry? I’d love to be able to pronounce it!

  10. These sound messy – and delicious!

    • I’m sure if I had enough practice I could eat one without dropping it all over me.

  11. I love these pastries!! They are delicate and best when freshest, for sure. Finding them in Italian bakeries here in Toronto was a nice surprise. Thinking someone was slaving over them in the back room I enquired and found out that they come from Italy. Frozen. Then they just bake them off! It’s NOT the same; but a close second, usually filled with a sweetened ricotta mixture. When not fresh they lose their messy, flakey selves.

    • That sounds like cheating to me. I guess it is better than not having them at all.

  12. I must go looking for them in Leichhardt or Haberfield.

    • Good luck. I hope you get a good one.

  13. When I was in Naples, I did try one. And they are delicious!

    • It is a pity they aren’t available everywhere.

  14. My friends from Napoli had told me a thousand times to try sfogliatelle when visiting their city of which I did… I was hooked right away and had one or two for breakfast every day for two weeks, I’m positive sfogliatelle is one of the reasons for my constant returns to the city, plus the fact that it seems impossible to find the pastry made correctly any place else. If you’ve been to Naples and not tried a sfogliatella you’ve surly missed one of the sublime pleasures of life, in the true sense of the word the pastry is ambrosial. I’ve tried the pastry from Manhattan to San Francisco where they can’t even be called a distant cousin to the original. I’ve made sfogiatelle which were good, but hey, half the flavor comes from eating one in a piazza while viewing street theater, hearing church bells, covering your ears from the sounds of zooming Vespas, the sight of grandparents hand feeding their grandkids, etc, etc., etc., etc!!! The whole nine yards!!!

    • I think you are right that half the fun of sfogliatella is where you are eating it.

  15. I know these! I think they’re known here as lobster claws? Were yours filled?

    • They are also called coda di aragosta – lobster tails here. Mine was filled with a sort of custard.

  16. Now I’m hungry!

    • I’m back in Bagni di Lucca now and it is breakfast time so I’m off to the bar for a sfoglia.


  18. These are truely my favourite sweets when in Italy…. the pastry just falls away and melts in your mouth along with the divine flavour of the filling, I made it a mission to have as many as possible when I was there last, hence the extra kilos coming home 🙂 but hey it’s Italy !!!!!

    • What is a few extra kilos when something is this good.

  19. Look at those lovely petticoat layers of pastry! 😮

  20. Debra, here’s the link for the Borgo a Mozzano Halloween Festival, Monday 31st is of course the main night. It’s the biggest Haloween Festival in Italy. If you are brave enough!!! Caroline

    • Thanks for that. Unfortunately I will be away for most of it, but I will try to do something Monday.

  21. I have fond memories of eating (too many) sfogliatella in Naples – a definate highlight.

  22. Ohmigod! I miss Italy and all their cuisine. 🙁 I thought sfogliatella is entire Italy. Didn’t know that it is exclusively of Naples. Good to know! *thumbs up*

    • Each area has its own version of the sfogliatella. Here is Bagni di Lucca we have the sfoglia, which is similar, but not the same. You can see it in the Italian Breakfast post.

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  24. The BEST dessert, EVER!

    • Also good for breakfast.

      • Or dinner, or lunch, or……!

  25. I’m planning Naples and Capri next and am loving your Naples section already! Can’t wait.

    • Have a great time in Napoli and the Amalfi Coast.

  26. never heard of this!

    • They are very popular. We get a slightly different version here in Ponte a Serraglio and I have one every morning for breakfast.

      • Lucky u! Remind me to try these next time I go 😀 I am reading a lot of your old posts, Debra. Its sad people didn’t use to read blogs that time. Brilliant stuff!

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