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Take a look at lovely Lucca

Lucca is only a half hour drive away from Bagni di Lucca, or 40 – 50 minutes in the bus, so I go often. The bus stop is right in front of Bar Italia, so I just cross the bridge and I am on the bus. Lucca is big enough to have lots of interesting things to see and do and small enough to be easily navigated. Take a wander around with me.

the anfiteatro in Lucca

The large arched entrance to the piazza was one of the orignals from its anfiteatro days.

look for the big arch


The oval piazza is what is left behind after the amphitheatre that used to be there was pulled down and the ring of houses around it formed a piazza. In summer it is full of tables and people enjoying the sun. There is often something happening in the piazza – flowers shows or collections of old cars. It is a fun place to be. The sign in the middle is advertising the music festival to be held in Lucca in summer. There is always music in Lucca, just ask at the information centres.

a very cute apartment overlooking the anfiteatro

 I love the top floor of this apartment in the anfiteatro. The Italian flag was out to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the unification in Italy.

looking out from the wall around Lucca

The town is surrounded by a wall – left over from the time when Lucca, Florence and Pisa were constantly battling each other over one thing or another. 

one of the churches outside the walls

on a Lucca door

front view

the facade of San Giovani church

There are Puccini concerts in this church every night. Click here to find out more.

the entrance to a Lucca deli

Palazzo Pfanner from the wall

on a Lucca grill

a Lucca footpath

I stood in the middle of the road to get this shot

the old canal

one of the old entrances at night

looking up

Lucca at night

say hi to Luis

Don’t leave Lucca without calling in to see Luis and David at Paris Boheme. Click here to find out more about lovely Luis and David.


  1. Lovely tour, thanks Deb! It seems like a great place to while away some time…

    • I go to Lucca several times a week when I am in Italy. I never tire of it.

  2. Just as you said, Lucca is such a lovely city and so close to Bagni that we are very lucky, indeed. We particularly enjoy going there on the 3rd Sunday of the month when the Antique and Vintage Fair takes over the town. I always recommend it to my friends and they never get disappointed!

    • The market is enormous – it takes over a lot of Lucca. I gathered many good things there when I was setting up my apartment. Even if you don’t buy anything it is fun to wander through the market stalls.

  3. What a beautiful place. Yet another.

    • Lucca is one of the lovliest towns in Italy. I am so lucky to live so close – for part of the year at least.

  4. Lovely tour, thanks! very brave to stand in the middle of the road like that, Just squinting at those trees; not quite a pleached walk but very close, lime trees? I would love to have a little promenade round Lucca one day…

    • I think they are Tiglio or Linden trees.

  5. I am glad you stood in the middle of the road to get that shot. I am also glad you survived. Gorgeous photos.

    • It would have been better if I had a lookout, but I did live to tell the tale.

  6. It looks beautiful!!

    • It is a beautiful town, especially on a sunny day.

  7. Lovely photos! It’s been a few years since I’ve been to Lucca, but it’s a beautiful place.

    • Perhaps you need another visit. You can’t get too much of Lucca.

  8. Great Deb! Lucca is why we decided to buy a small apartment in Crasciana-i also never tire of Lucca. This Spring I loved all the flags out around town and the spirit of the people. I read Lucca was named 2nd best EU city to relocate too! It is authentic Tuscan but still plenty to do-such a great mix! And only 20 min to the beach or Mtns!

    • I like the fact that Lucca is not completely overrun with tourists, it is still a living Italian town, full of Italians going about their business. Let’s hope it stays that way.

  9. What a lovely tour of Lucca with my morning cappuccino! Even more excitted for my first visit in September. Thanks Deb!

    • I’m sure you are going to love Lucca. September is a lovely month to go to Italy.

  10. Thank you for making my day with memories of one of my favorite places!

    • No problem, I love looking at Lucca, even if it is just a photo.

  11. Such a beautiful place… you are lucky indeed!

    • I know that I am lucky to spend time in such a great place.

  12. Who knew onions could be so desirable:)

    • They look good don’t they.

  13. This sounds like the Lucca fan club but it really is a wonderful place! We too visit Lucca everytime we are visiting our little place in the hills above Bagni di Lucca it’s so close it’s hard to resist. Although we’ve been many times we often manage to get lost – this is all part of the pleasure however because finding more treasures around each corner is wonderful. Eventually you get back to a familiar spot, usually a bar or coffee shop where you just have to sit and while away an hour or two!! Aaaaahhhhhh……

    • I don’t get lost in Lucca very often now – I used to – and you are right, it can be fun. I think I have just about covered every square inch of Lucca.

  14. That little apartment is gorgeous! Looks like there’s not much room to see out of the window past the decorations though…

    • The whole piazza is wonderful, but that little place at the top really appeals to me.

  15. We went to Pisa yesterday, which I am afraid is about as far as we will make it into Tuscany on this trip. Would have loved to go to Lucca, as it is much more the kind of place I like to visit. Next time…

    • Pisa is pretty good too. I think the Piazza Miracoli is gorgeous – so green and pretty. Did you climb the tower?

  16. It looks beautiful. Each time I visit your blog, I want to go right back to Italy!

    • You clearly need a trip to Lucca.

  17. what a beautiful gorgeous city. i would love to live around Lucca.
    when my daughter lived there for 2 years she loved it.
    thanks for the spectacular pictures and me realizing why i want to move to italy someday. ciao.

    • We are very pleased our place is so close to Lucca. I love to walk around the walls and wander through the streets.

  18. Hi there, love your blog ! I’m going to be in Lucca this weekend and am looking for a nice spa centre or spa hotel there – anywhere where I can get a massage or treatment. I just wondered if you know of any ? Many Thanks in advance, Caroline

    • I don’t know of any Spa hotels in Lucca, but we have one here in Bagni di Lucca. It is at Bagni Caldi. Bagni di Lucca had 12 spas, but most are now closed. At the hotel you can have a steam in a natural steam grotto, followed by almost any treatment you could wish for. or phone 39 0583 87221

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