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The City Cats are back on our other river

Our apartment in Brisbane is not quite as close to the river as the Ponte a Serraglio apartment is, but I usually see the Brisbane river every day when I am out and about. When I left Australia in January, the river was still recovering from the disastrous floods that devastated the city. One of the casualties was the City Cat service, which had to be suspended because many of the docking terminals were destroyed. Not all are back in place but the sleek catarmarans are once again gliding on the river. It is great to see them back.

city cats at North Quay

The cross river ferries are back in action as well.

life on the river

I stood on the Victoria bridge for a while watching the cats and the ferries cruising up and down the river. It is wonderful to see the city back to normal and looking fabulous. It is hard to believe this lazy old river caused to much damage just a few months ago.

the river is looking good

It is officially winter here in Brisbane. Just look at this gorgeous day.

look at those clouds

Click here, here, here and here to see the Brisbane river and the flood in January.




  1. What a gorgeous day-great shots of your city.

    • The sky was amazing yesterday, I just had to take photos.

  2. Good photos with that cloud!

    • The sky was amazing yesterday. There was a small storm brewing not far away.

  3. E-mails on the way Deb!!!!

    p.s I LOVE THESE PHOTOS. Some of my favorites. The cloud shots are great!!!

    • Thank you, it was a very dramatic sky.

  4. Great photos Deb. Love those city cats.

    • Thanks, I think I need to take a little ride on a cat soon.

  5. Such a contrast between your two homes. A wonderful contrast.
    I used to love imagining cloud stories and pictures as a kid…er, not much has changed really.

    • Our homes on either side of the world are very different – and I love them both.

  6. Great cloud photos! Winter is the best time to be in Brisbane as Deb’s photos show. Any of the other type of cats at your apartment?


    • Winter in Brisbane is just about perfect. There are no pussy cats at home. Tallulah has not been replaced.

  7. Ciao Bagni di Lucca!!!

    Anch’io vivo a Brisbane!! I am an Italian living in New Farm teaching Italian!!!
    Love your shots!!

    It was horrible last January but we are all safe!!

    Ciao Simona

    • Ciao Simona, We should meet for coffee. I love to talk about Italy.

      • Ciao, are you in Brisbane at the moment?
        Yes we should meet!!

        If you are interested on Italy just stop by to my blog:

        A presto!

      • I am in Brisbane for a few months. I have already looked at your blog and signed up.

  8. GREAT day to take those photos – ADORE your clouds.

    • Doesn’t the river look great?? It was a beautiful day.

  9. Great to see that the city is recovering. Winter in Brisbane is lovely. Great photos!

    • There are still lots of houses waiting to be repaired, including ours, but things are happening and the city looks good.

  10. Good to see Brisbane back on its feet! We have had torrential rain here in the Southern Cape in the last week, with some flooding. Reminded me of what Brisbane went through.

    • Brisbane is looking great in the winter sun – not that there is any sun today.

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