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Spring 2011 – Shop windows in Milan

Before I show you the delights of Milan’s shop windows I have to describe something I saw this morning. I was waiting the usual 30 – 45 minutes at the post office in Ponte a Serraglio when the woman who cleans the office arrived. She had masses of curly black hair, elaborate make up, a short, tight black skirt, black lace stockings, over the knee suede boots with belts and buckles and beautifully painted nails in rouge noir. She quite made my day, and my wait in line worthwhile.

Now have a look at the gorgeous new things for spring.

pretty colours at D&G

Garden Party at Valentino





Valentino - a beautiful garden party

more floral at Stella McCartney

colour blocking at Celine

black and white at Dior

Alexander McQueen

bright orange and purple mens' wear at Jill Sander

brights at Prada

luncheon party at Prada

woven Prada bag

Prada platforms

blue this time

orange is popular

Prada - again - why not have one in each colour?

mixed prints at Etro

orange again at Bottega Veneta

and green

orange and green Bottega accessories

I quite like the Bottega necklace

Church's shoes

Church's coloured shirts

Roger Vivier shoe

Roger Vivier brights

Roger Vivier orange

Cartier trinket


Hermes colour

leather glove and cuff at Hermes

put your best Hermes foot forward

Trussardi - note short pants

Roberto Cavalli colour

Robert Cavalli bodice

Bluemarine - come back to Sorrento

Amalfi Coast here we come

limoncello anyone?

It looks like being a very colourful spring/summer season in Italy.

Click here to look at last year to compare.


  1. LOVE IT!!!!!

  2. Absolutely yummy fashion, must have though is the colored pom pom to go about incognito!

  3. I’ll have those Roger Vivier shoes thank you!!

  4. Damn, my Aussie size 11 narrow feet (42 or 43 euro size) won’t fit those green Valentino shoes with bow! Nice to see some colour. The autumn windows were all grey…

  5. Ahhh the colour, it is a feast for our eyes. Thanks for the lovely pics Deb.

  6. You brightened up a hot steamy Queensland day, with the cool fashions and oh what colours. Thanks for the pics.

  7. Lovely fashion spread – I haven’t trotted down Bond Street for many a year so that was a big treat – now where are my jeans and walking boots – fashion in the dog walking world is not quite the same 😉

    • My feet don’t like those lovely shoes. I just look.

  8. I think I could do some serious damage here haha! I love that last lemon yellow outfit and the Valentino shoes especially!

  9. Some many pretty, shiny things… not sure about the ball-headed manikins though!

  10. Great photos. Window shopping is almost as good as the real thing, AND considerably cheaper.

  11. Beautiful photos!! Lovely fashion colours and styles coming up!! Thanks for the journey!

  12. Just so beautiful, all of it! Thanks Deb. I feel like I’ve been windowshopping in Milan for real!

  13. I absolutely HAVE TO HAVE the Valentino Garden Party shoes ‘n bag, I’ve been drooling over these for ages, thanks Deb 🙂

  14. I’m with ml tucker, my size 11 clod hoppers are scorned at as the italians raise a well arched eyebrow and point me towards the German border.
    Stilll looks lovely though.

    • Italy does not cater well for bigger sizes in anything much. A lot of women here are very tiny and also like to wear their clothes quite tight. Germany does a much better job here as Germans are generally bigger people. I think Australians have more in common with Germans. You can’t beat the Italians for style though. I go for the handbags, they fit everyone.

  15. I cannot believe that I missed this post. the pictures are so beautiful and made me want an Hermes scarf..again 🙂
    You are so lucky Deb to be able to be close to those precious Items!!!
    I love it!

  16. Well THAT was a treat! All those delicious items, colours and exquisite fashion sense. Seeing the purple and orange (for MEN) made me think of a sight I took a triple take at in my own neighbourhood just yesterday. Toronto is NO Milano for sure but this man who passed me didn’t stand out at all in his choice of fashion. Kind of a bomber jacket, very tight black pants hugging his calves down to his shoes. That’s where I gasped. They were like a high cut sneaker, short boot like, open at the top of the laces somewhat, tongue exposed with BIG bobbing teddy bear heads on them; in powder PINK no less with some white accents. I think there was a mischievousness going on behind the dark sunglasses on a very dull day. Hilarious!

    • You have to admire his fashion statement – there is nothing as good as a bit of individuality.

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