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A wedding in Pisa

The sharp eyed will notice that the name of the blog has changed.  When we started, it was mostly to inform visitors to our homes in Bagni di Lucca of the delights in the village and surrounds, but it has grown and now covers so much more.  It has been fun collecting stories from all over the world and this will continue – starting with something I came across in Pisa late last year.

On a visit to Pisa we spotted a bride and groom posing for their wedding  photographs. Can you imagine a better backdrop?


a Pisa wedding

getting just the right shot

My friends were climbing the tower at the time.  You can see them up there – one has red pants  on. 

there they are

at the top

Any excuse for more leaning tower photos. Click here and here for more on Pisa.

the tower and friends

the Duomo and friends


  1. wow! what an amazing wedding! and incredible photos!

  2. You’re good at the “Where’s ‘Wendy'” game, Deb – finally found the red pants!

  3. Now wouldn’t that be a superb back drop for a wedding huh, love it. Excellent choice of ‘blog name change’…, looking forward to sharing many more of your travels on too.

  4. congratulations on the new name – love it and yes it has grown way beyond bagni but we all still want that special ‘inside italy info ‘you do so well.


    • I will be in lovely Bagni soon – can’t wait – and will be finding new things to tel you about.

    • That’s Louisa up there in the red pants.

  5. Love the photographs on all your Pisa posts. The architecture and decorative details are so interesting to look at.

  6. What a place to have your wedding photos…wonder if I can do mine over again?

  7. Great architecture and love the red wedding dress! I’ve been enjoying Bagni di Lucca and beyond with you! 🙂

  8. How wise to choose red with the white backdrop of Pisa

  9. These are great photos. I, too, was struck by that RED wedding dress. My Italian father-in-law and my French mother-in-law met in Pisa. She’d gone there with a girlfriend to “see Italy,” and my he was there with army buddies. He spotted her, fell in love at first sight I think, and I offered to photograph her and her friend in front of the tower. The rest was history. And thank God, because my husband was the product. “And Beyond” is an excellent addition. Unfettered!

  10. This would be a great backdrop for a wedding. And I like the new title!

  11. Great Idea to change the name! We love your stories from all around the world!

  12. I visited Pisa when I went to Italy long time ago. I loved it, it is so beautiful…. Hopefully this summer too, I’ll go enjoy the sightseeings with my husband.

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