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Queensland under water

We have been watching with horror the terrible developments in our state of Queensland.  The relentless rain is causing devastation and loss of life all over the state.  The television stations are showing nothing else.  The situation is worsening by the minute.

We live in West End, very close to the city.  Our house will be OK, except that the garage may flood, but the river is creeping closer to houses in low lying areas.  I went down to the river this morning to check out the situation.  I was there yesterday and the water was below the banks of the river.  This morning it had broken its banks and was moving steadily towards the road and nearby houses.

the Brisbane River has broken its banks

the ferry stop is underwater

While I was at the river I could see people loading cars, preparing to evacuate if necessary.  It looks certain that many houses will be affected and we have just heard that parts of the central business district have been evacuated.   Flood waters will move down the river tonight and tomorrow.  We can do nothing but wait.

Click here to see the next stage of the flood.


  1. Terrifying stuff, Deb. I just watched some astonishing footage online:

    Please do take care…

    • The footage of what happened yesterday in Toowoomba was terrifying. It is hard to believe it could happen to a town at the top of the range.

  2. Keep safe… My daughter is in Waterford West (Logan Area) and they have been told that they will be isolated with surrounding creeks flooding also. They back onto the Logan River which will cause issues once the flood water goes from Ispwich and flows overland to the Logan. All this water is sooo amazing and more to come. The water and rain will be heading down stream via the Murray-Darling Basin soon with more rain falling now in the central nsw and northern Sa. My poor little river at the mouth within a month will not know what hit it. Again Keep safe… besides i need your blogs to keep me going… hahah.. cheers Vittoria

    • Thanks for your comments. We will be OK, but it is happening all around us.

  3. How long can you tread water ???


    • I can tread water very well – what about you? New Farm is pretty low.

  4. Watching now on TV…..

  5. So hard to believe, our stockbroker said his bldg Riparian evacuated a few hours back.stay safe

    • The photo I took of the river is looking towards where your house is.

  6. Hi Deb.,

    I have just been listening to Karl Stefanovic’s report on Brisy. He reports the West End is at risk of flooding. My thoughts are with you. Hope everthing will be OK.
    Stay safe. I still remember Jan. 1974

    Cheers Judy.

    • Thank you for your thoughts. Poor old Brisbane is in for a few bad days.

  7. Fingers crossed for you Deb. I heard the CBD has been told to evacuate.

  8. We saw Brisbane ON tv, come back to Bagni, were you will be ‘high and dry…’

    • I’ll be there in about 3 weeks.

  9. I just woke up to this on the radio news here in UK. It looks terrifying. Thinking of you all – stay safe.

    • Thank you. Tomorrow and Thursday will be the worst. We won’t really know what will happen. City businesses sent all their employees home at about midday and I expect nothing will be open for quite a few days – or longer. We should be high enough to be OK, but time will tell.

  10. Debra I just heard that the dam is 70% over the desirable level. Every footage I see is just so unbelievable. Will be thinking of you over the next two days…

    • Thank you for your thoughts. I’m sure we will be OK, but lots of people ar in trouble.

  11. Please stay safe Debra! Thinking of you and yours! X

    • Thank you for your thoughts. Hopefully the water won’t come as high as expected.

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  13. This must be so scary. Stay safe!

    • Thank you. With a bit of luck it won’t be as bad as predicted.

  14. Good luck, and stay safe. I’ve seen the footage from Toowoomba – horrible.

    • Thanks, the water just keeps coming.

  15. We were helping the couple down the bottom of our street in a three storey house move their belongings from the bottom two floors to the top floor. At 3.00pm we could see the water in the next door park rising. Tomorrow at 4.00am they think the water will be in the first level. The scary thing is that the 1893 flood was 2 meters higher than the ’74 flood. Stay dry Deb.

    • You too.

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