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Torino sits on either side of the mighty Po

Torino – Turin – is not on most tourists’ must see lists.  This is a pity because it is a very impressive city. It is not far from the Alps, which make a very dramatic backdrop for the city, especially when they are snow covered.  It was the capital of Italy’s first King, Vittorio Emanuele II, the home of Fiat and it houses the famous Shroud of Turin.

The city had a major overhaul for the 2006 olympics.  I didn’t visit before this, but I have been 4 times since and I think it is a great place to see.    It was built later than many Italian cities and has the look of Vienna more than Rome or Florence.   The streets are wide and lined with porticos and the piazzas are huge.  It is all very grand.

a huge piazza in Torino

grand buildings and piazzas in Torino

Hermes window with the reflection of the huge piazza in front


elegant covered walkways

very grand

Vittorio Emanuelle's building

the Cambio where Cavour liked to dine

Grom - where I like to dine

I think this is where it all started for Grom.  Soon it will take over the world.

an elaborate window

Romulus and Remus got around here as well

elegant buildings and streetscapes

the Golden Donkey

The Golden Donkey is an interesting name for a shop selling school books, don’t you think?

Some of Torino’s attractions are the fabulous historic cafes.  Chocolate is synonymous with Torino. You can’t leave without eating a lot of it, for it is very good.  You must also try a bicerin, which will have its own post soon.  It is a delicious drink of coffee, chocolate and cream.  You will find it in most of the grand cafes.  Have lots.


Torino was once the centre of Italy’s film industry until Mussolini moved it to Rome.  The National Museum of Cinema occupies most of the Mole Antonelliano building which has a huge huge tower from which you can view the city and the mountains.  I haven’t been there yet – next time.  There is also a huge Egytian Museum, which is very popular.  So much stuff was plundered from Egypt it is a wonder there is anything left there.

a fortress in the middle of town

It now makes a very handy skateboard park.

A  good time to visit Torino is in October, when the Salone del Gusto takes place.  The next one will be in 2012.  The whole area of Piedmonte is beautiful.  It is a major wine area, with important wines  like Barolo, Barbaresco, and Nebbiolo, to name a few.  Take some time to travel to beautiful towns like Alba, Bra, La Morra and Barolo and visit some of the wineries.


  1. I became a big fan of the bicerin in Torino. Not sure that I could find one in Sydney, but you’ve reminded me to go looking.

  2. I await the Bicerin post. I don’t believe I know this one! Thanks for the wonderful photos.

  3. I wanted to visit Torino because of the chocolate but it just seemed out of the way from the other Italian cities I was visiting. I definitely want to see the city though. I did notice that many of the tour guides I read on Italy, did not have a lot of information on the region.
    As an avid football fan, I feel it is my duty to mention that Turin is also the home of one of the most successful and popular football clubs in Italy and Europe, the mighty Juventus.
    Vittorio Emmanuelle must have been a cool king. He has two beautiful buildings in his honor in Italy: In Turin and Rome.
    Again, amazing photos. You really capture the essence of the city.

    • Thank you for the football info. My husband is very keen to watch a football match in Italy. Italians are incredibly passionate about their football. After even a tiny local match the fans drive screaming, shouting and singing through the village with streamers flying from the cars.

  4. I believe there is a Grom in Tokyo.

  5. Grom is excellent gelato. Look for hazelnut, pistachio and marron glace – YUM!

    • I think crema is my favorite flavor.

  6. I am putting Torino on the list for the next trip to Piemonte and I would love to go to the Salon di Gusto! I’m marking my calendar.

  7. Bicerin, I think my life is now incomplete until I try it. I will await your post!
    I also like the sounds of Grom. I take my gelato very seriously.

  8. This looks stunning-and randomly, I read that Carla Bruni-Sarkozy is from Turin? I know that’s very random!

  9. Mmm, chocolate… gelato… I shouldn’t read your posts when I am hungry!

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  12. Going through your old posts, Debra <3 such fun reading through them. Thanks!

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