Posted by: debrakolkka | December 14, 2010

More beautiful knockers

Once you start looking for these things, you find them everywhere.

more that 500 years old and still looking good

This gorgeous thing is on the brass gate to the Piccolomini library in the Siena Cathedral.

a little angel in Florence

a plain one in Florence

I like this one - Florence again

Oriental design in Pietrasanta

I think it is a knocker - Portovenere

Portovenere hand

again in Portovenere

a chunky one

devilishly handsome

a really old one

knock like an Egyptian in Lucca

another old one in Lucca


lions are very popular

a firm grasp in Pietrasanta


  1. Stunning old knockers indeedy Deb ­čÖé I vaguely remember there being an interesting knocker on my Grams house, must ask where it ended up.

  2. Knock, knock.
    Who’s there?
    Cow who?
    Cow’s go moo, not who!
    Followed by hysterical laughter from a 2 and 4 year old…this happens at least daily with the same joke.

    Lovely knockers Debra. I love the Portovenere hand ones.

    • I used to laugh like crazy at knock, knock jokes as well. I love the way little kids laugh.

  3. These are just so beautiful. I loved this post Deb. I have a laugh always when I read ‘knockers’! It is the Aussie in me I suppose.

  4. There’s something about ‘knockers’ that sends me into paroxysms of snorting giggles – but I thought that was because I’m a pom. I don’t think that Lion would approve of me!

    • The lion looks a bit haughty, but then again, he is stuck on that door.

  5. What a nice collection!
    am sure lots of designers are going to land on your blog!
    Nice job collecting those pictures Deb!

  6. Thanks for sharing your collection! We took about 70 photos of door knockers in Sicily mainly and we were amazed at the variety. We even found one in a boomerang shape! I posted them in an album on Facebook and the comments flew in. Again, it’s the little things in Italy for me! Well done.

    • There are so many wonderful little things all over Italy. I love the knockers.

  7. They’re so beautiful! I must start to notice knockers more (and that sounds bad) ­čśŤ

  8. Would you like to post snaps of my knockers? They were magnificent 25 years ago and I have many photos of them that bloggers might enjoy.

    • I’ll let you know when I do a post on those knockers.

  9. Being a Pom also, can not read about knockers without a titter. Ooh no missus. Do you use this word in the same way ? The old knockers of Europe – I do love door furniture and I love window fastenings too – delightful set of photos – thank you!

    • Yes, we do also titter about knockers. Nifta is my sister and had a fine set indeed.

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