Posted by: debrakolkka | November 29, 2010

VWs in the Anfiteatro

a well travelled VW

We came upon a gathering of VWs in the anfiteatro in Lucca in October.  This is a great open space and there is usually something going on.  It is also home to one of my favourite shops in Lucca – Le Sorelle – so I often call in there whenever I go to Lucca.

a very well loved VW

I like the eyelids

and the crest

and the interior

2 shiny red ones

a very cute Porsche

red convertable

VW wearing chefs' pants

all in a row

great colour

very well set up

great handbag

lunch time

shiny red van

cute horn - very useful in Italy

VW truck

3 red ones in a row

It was the 6th Samba Summit Veteran VW show – Abetone- Lucca.  What is the point of having something lovely if you can’t show it off sometimes?   I hope I am around for the 7th.


  1. Love the cherry red beetle! And the handbag! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. Owwhhhh, I love the one with chefs pants…. natch 🙂

  3. I like the green kombie. That would have been lots of fun to see.

  4. Hehe this is such a cute post! 😀 And even though I’m not a huge car person I can definitely appreciate why people love them so.

  5. What a photogenic gang of cars! Great handbag too, Debra!

  6. Great photos!

    It would be a dream to ride around Europe in a VW van. I can’t imagine the fun and memories if I could gather 2-3 close friends and tour Europe by VW van for a year.

  7. I love the older ones, with all the cases and containers on top!

  8. Hehe…there are some serious VW collectors out there, aren’t there? Great photos, thanks Debra!

  9. […] the sun. There is often something happening in the piazza – flowers shows or collections of old cars. It is a fun place to be. The sign in the middle is advertising the music festival to be held in […]

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