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I left autumn in Bagni di Lucca for spring in Brisbane.  Spring is not as dramatic in sub tropical Queensland as it is in Italy, but we have Jacaranda trees as compensation.  I arrived too late in the season to see the trees in spectacular full bloom, when one tree near our house looks like a huge lilac dome.  Like the Magnolia trees in Lucca, Jacarandas get their flowers first, then the leaves follow as the flowers fall.

Jacaranda flowers

The trees are not native to Australia, but I’m glad they arrived from South America all those years ago.  They look wonderful dotted through Brisbane suburbs – including ours.

in our street


I love the colour against this house

the leaves are beginning to appear

lilac carpet in the street

On a final visit to the Valentino exhibition at GoMA I took some photos of spring colour at the Gallery precinct.

I love the colours

what a great tree

at the Gallery

fallen flowers

at the Gallery

The Frangipani trees are starting to flower and soon it will be time for Poincianas with their gorgeous red flowers.  Spring in Brisbane is excellent.


  1. How lucky you are Debra, to be able to have the best of Australia and Italy!
    It’s great! You saw my mail that I have bought tickets to Italy, right? I will be in Bagni di Lucca form 14.03 to 16.04! Look forward! Warm hug!

    • We will have a coffee and a sfoglia at Bar Italia.

  2. Hope we can have a wine occasion too :=)

    • Of course we can.

  3. You are making me homesick! Miss those Jacarandas.

  4. Colours of home, Deb! Our jacaranda is in flower too – although it’s only ever for such a short while. Love the photos and the colours, particularly the shots of the Queenslanders – gorgeous old houses!

  5. I don’t think I have ever seen a jacaranda, what wonderful photos! I suppose the nearest thing we get colour wise is wisteria. Ah spring is a long way away right now, my little magnolia is covered in tight grey silky buds waiting for next year already!

    • I absolutely love wisteria. In Bagni di Lucca in spring we rush about having wisteria sightings. I have so many photos of wisteria.

  6. Oh Wow Deb, I haven’t seen jacaranda trees doing their thing for ages, these look amazing against the house… I’m loving the flowers at this time of year and all the rain we’ve had has made this one of the greenest springs.

  7. I was thinking just this morning to take a few photos of the jacarandas. The colours truly are gorgeous. My boys walk around jacaranda spotting.

  8. Totally by coincidence I was lying on the bed and looking out of the window and admiring a jacaranda tree this morning! 🙂

  9. i liked the gallery!!! loved it!

    • The Art Gallery is beside the river in Brisane. It is a great place and minutes from where I live. I love it.

  10. I love the Jacaranda trees around Brisbane. They really suit this place and look great among the Queenslander homes.

  11. […] here to see the beautiful jacarandas in Brisbane. Our spring is beautiful too. […]

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