Posted by: debrakolkka | June 9, 2010

More Helsinki photos

Helsinki looked so lovely in spring, I just have to put up some more photos.

Tuomiokirkko - Lutheran Cathedral consecrated in 1852

spring flowers

2 birds are surely better than 1 - this is for you Sandra

gorgeous pink flowers

a church hidden in the trees

at the station

in one of the parks

in the same park

another fabulous building

and another

a different angle

decoration on a door

white tulips

a beautiful door

spring flowers

amazing colour

If you have the opportunity to visit Finland, do so, it is a beautiful country and the people are very welcoming.


  1. Beautiful flowers and stunning Architecture.


    Not bad photos either.

  2. You have got great photos there. I envy you for being in Helsinki now when the weather is so great. Hope you have a good time there.

  3. Helsinki is so beautiful and serene, the pictures are amazing Debra. I think Helsinki belong to another planet 🙂
    I have noticed that the light is different from what I am used to see in the mid part of our planet.
    I especially enjoyed the pictures of the flowers, I clicked on them and saw the details: the yellow tulip have a red trim, and there is a fly on the rose flowers 🙂
    Thanks Debra for taking me on a trip to Helsinki! I don’t think I will ever have the chance to go there, if it wasn’t for your blog 🙂
    Thank you

    • I have been very lucky to travel to Finland several times. We had the best weather this time. Everything looks so lovely on a sunny day. I did love Helsinki in February in deep snow, even though it was much harder to get about.

  4. Hi, yes, the church is the same as in my photo, the church of John.

    You’ve captured beautiful photos, Helsinki is full of interesting small details in houses, it’s always nice to look at photos taken by someone else of my hometown.

    • I love Helsinki! I will be back in September for a few days. I’m hoping for good weather.

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