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The Pile of Rocks – update

Not much has happened with our Vergemoli project since the old house was pulled down.  It is impossible to do anything in winter and the weather is just starting to get better.

the builder, Jim and Adriano heading for the site

We trudged up to the site with a builder to talk about the next step.  It may not happen until next year but it will happen.

We may get the electricity connected soon and the road needs a bit more work after a wet, cold winter.

checking the damage in the road

all that is left of the old house

We would like to reinforce the wall from the old house and incorporate it somehow in the new building site.  Perhaps it could be part of a garden wall.  I can see a pot of geraniums nestling in the  hole in the wall.

the view of Vergemoli from the site

even on a builing site the plants struggle through

back in Vergemoli

We are now waiting for the quote from the builder.  We think he is too busy to start work this year, but you never know.

Look for the original post – Grand Designs,  the pile of rocks, posted in November 2009 to see the old cottage that once stood on the site.


  1. Deb and Jim you will have to do a post about the town of Vergemoli, more research to keep you occupied…

    • Vergemoli is a very pretty, and well kept little town with about 100 residents. It seems fairly remote, but there are regular buses down to the town on the main road to Lucca. They have a bar and a post office. I need to spend some time up there to find out more.

  2. Also there are ‘bags of money’ in its coat of arms – they appear in other symbols through northern Tuscany, the ‘bankers’ symbol. Roz

  3. Do you want to bet on the plants still growing on a Building site??



  4. […] here and here to see the old house and the cleared […]

  5. Can’t wait to see what it looks like when all the work has started!

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