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flying over the Alps to Milan

There was more rain waiting for us in Milan.  We stayed at The Best Hotel on via Marcello Benedetto in a tiny room.  By this time we had gathered quite a lot of luggage so it was just as well we didn’t intend to spend too much time in the room.

the courtyard at 10 Corso Como

We headed straight for 10 Corso Como, Italy’s Collette.  I prefer it to Collette.  I like the way it is set out, and they always do a great job of interpreting the season.  There are 3 hotel rooms in the complex.  I’m sure they would be fabulous.  One day I will stay there.  There is also a very interesting  caffe at the entrance to the shop.

leading to the hotel rooms

part of the courtyard

After dragging ourselves away from there we went in to the city centre.  It was dark by this time and the Galleria looked wonderful with its canopy of blue lights high up on the ceiling.  The piazza in front of the galleria was crawling with giant pink snails.  I don’t quite understand the signifigance, but they looked great.

blue canopy in Galleria

pink snails at sunset

Paul is attacked by giant snail

giant snail leaves Galleria

The flagship Prada shop is in the Galleria.  This shop alone is worth a visit to Milan.  It is a beautiful season for Prada.  Clothes are wearable and elegant and the accessories extremely desirable.  There is a patent clutch with a row of clear beads suspended on tiny springs that I would absolutely love.

Prada bag

Prada window

By happy chance we found Grom, the famous gelato establishment.  I have enjoyed Grom in Torino and Mantova, but it was Paul and Peta’s first taste.  We went back the next day for more.

The Cathedral in Milan is one of the most magnificent in the Italy.  It has been recently cleaned and looks wonderful.  The interior is spectacular as well.  If  the weather had been better we would have walked up into the roof where is it possible to wander around amongst the spires.

the cathedral in Milan

inside the church

detail on the front of the church

We had a great time wandering around Via Monte Napoleone, Via della Spiga, Via San’Andrea and Via Manzoni.  The shops here are among the best in the world.  We had coffee at the newly renovated Armani Caffe. 

 A highlight was the Etro shop.  Their clothes are always beautiful.  This season there are prints of botanical blooms and old marble papers.  To use their own words – blurred blooms effortlessly melt into marble or Etro’s signature paisley.

Kenzo is another favourite.  I was there last year just after the new shop opened.  The interiors of these shops are works of art.  The assistant very kindly allowed me to take a photo of their lovely walls.

the chrysanthymum walls in Kenzo

There are not a lot of good department stores in Italy.  Italians prefer to shop in smaller shops.  The exception to this is Rinascente.  The one in Milan is particularly good.  The top floor has been recently renovated and now includes several great places to eat, a small but excellent grocery section and a terrace from where you can look into the roof of the cathedral.  The new basement design store is full of interesting and unusual items.  You could spend hours – and lots of money down there.

an interesting shop window

I found the Tom Ford shop in Via Pietro Verri.  It is perfectly beautiful from the outside.  I would like to tell you what it is like inside but I didn’t go in.  The perfecly groomed, handsome man behind the closed door looked too severe.  I don’t think they wanted me to look at their gorgeous mens’ clothes – pity, I like Tom Ford’s style.  I really love his fragrances, especially Violet Noir, Neroli Portofino and Bois Moroccan.

Tom Ford window

New kid on the Milan block is Abercrombie and Fitch on the corner of S.Pietro All’Orto and Giacomo Matteo.  At the door there are beautiful boys smiling and inviting you in.  Inside there is a floor to ceiling (very high ceiling) mural painted with beautiful people.  Standing in front of this is a half naked boy greeting all who enter.  The shop is a dark rabbit warren of small rooms with murals and floor to ceiling racks of clothes – excellent casual sportswear.  There would be enough to clothe all of Milan, if everyone was young and lovely and liked jeans.  Everywhere there are pretty young things just dancing to the music and saying hello.  It seems to be working – the shop was full and my Milanese friend assures me it is always busy.  Put it on your must see list.

pretty boy at Abercrombie and Fitch

We had dinner on our second  night back in Corso Como at Cucina delle Langhe at number 6.  (ph 02 6554279) Peta and I had osso buco with risotto Milanese and Paul had pheasant and we forced ourselves to eat dolci.  They both had the apple and pear cake and I had an apple tart.  It was a great way to end our Milan visit.

Corso Como at night

the entrance to 10 Corso Como

the very impressive Milan central station

detail of the station

detail on the front of the station


  1. Beautiful City – The station reminds me of me after a night at the Paradise Room !


  2. Who do I contact about buying some ad space on this site? Maybe like a banner on either the header or footer. Please let me know. Great site by the way. Thanks!

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