Posted by: Debra Kolkka | September 6, 2022

Happy in Helsinki

I always love my visits to Helsinki. I feel at home in this beautiful city. At the end of summer the temperature is beginning to cool, perfect for walking for hours.

Blue sky made a perfect backdrop for my favourite sights.

Esplanadi never disappoints.

The garden beds are still beautiful.

Kappeli is a great spot for a delicious salmon soup.

Havis Amanda keeps watch beside the harbour.

Tuomiokirkko appears between buildings.

I walked past the Russian church to the Katajanokka area beside the harbour with its beautiful art nouveau buildings.


Who wouldn’t want a row of owls above their doorway, or perhaps a crustacean.

I walked back past the Helsinki cathedral.

Past the railway station.

Nearby is the amazing Oodi library.

I stayed at the beautiful Haven Hotel beside the harbour. It is in an excellent position near the harbour and close to everything in the city.

I had 2 wonderful days in Helsinki. Next stop Bagni di Lucca.




  1. Beautiful! Enjoy your stay!

    • I love Helsinki. It is a beautiful city and easy to navigate.

  2. Helsinki is a beautiful city and what glorious flowers

    • There are gardens, pots and hanging plants all over the city.
      Everything is well looked after.

  3. What is route you fly? Brisbane to Helsinki to ?

    • I fly from Qantas from Brisbane to Singapore then Finnair to Helsinki. I always stop in Helsinki for a few day before flying Finnair to Rome or Milan.

  4. I will be in Helsinki at the end of next May. Looking forward to it.

    • I’m sure you will enjoy your stay. If you need any information let me know.

  5. Your beautiful photos took me straight back there, thank you Debra. Have a wonderful time back in Bagni di L and the Garfagnana.

    • I am in Italy now and am looking forward to seeing my garden today.

  6. Wow, must put Finland on my bucket list!!
    Derin G.

    • Finland is wonderful. We have travelled all over the country over the last 15 years.

  7. What a lovely Helsinki post!! Must confess I’m ever so eager about your return to Bagni di L ….as I’m sure we’ll be guaranteed some Wonderful Fall photos of your garden/s, perhaps a late sagra, the colours of autumn etc…..greedy me, waiting to see!! Thank you.

    • I am in Italy now. I am keen to get up to my garden to see how it has survived the long hot summer.

  8. Beautiful post on Helsinki, Debra…. I have only been there once on a short visit… need to return and savour. Enjoy the beautiful Bagni Di Lucca 🤩

    • Helsinki is lovely. I have been visiting for 15 years and I feel at home there.

  9. Helsinki looks wonderful with all the beautiful gardens & sculptures.. Am sure you are looking forward to seeing your own garden & planning for change of seasons.

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