Posted by: Debra Kolkka | June 17, 2021

A day at the seaside

Hot weather has arrived! I went to Pietrasanta near the coast today to do a few things. I love this town. It has its summer colours up.

There are some very stylish shops in Pietrasanta, including this one with a lovely courtyard.

New art is being installed in the central piazza…I will go back soon to see it.

After Pietrasanta I went to Marina di Pisa for a seafood lunch. The seafood here must surely be fresh, the fishing boats leave from the port where the Arno reaches the sea.

These fishing huts are at the mouth of the river.

There is also this odd cement building. I have no idea what it is.

I saw another one as I was leaving the car park. I think this one was watching me.

The beach at Marina di Pisa is stony and I won’t be venturing into the water there any time soon. Mind you, most people were only sunning themselves rather than swimming. I won’t be doing that either. I like sandy beaches with surf and I don’t sun bake.


I did enjoy a very nice lunch here…il Peschereccio.

The first dish was a free taste of pappa al pomodoro with fish.

The next 2 are self explanatory.

It is nice to be beside the seaside. There was a cool breeze and excellent people watching.

I have been to Marina di Pisa before…I can’t believe it was in 2011, how time flies!  Here is the earlier post. Marina di Pisa


  1. The fishing huts look similar to the trabocchi in Abruzzo. Can you eat there or is it strictly for the fishermen?

    • They are just for fishing. There are lots of restaurants along the waterfront to choose from.

  2. The Versilia is always a great day trip from Bagni!

    • I love going down to the coast. There was a lovely cool breeze on a hot day.

  3. The Versilia is always a lovely day trip from Bagni!

  4. Interesting photos but must say sandy beaches are more appealing, especially for walking on. Those buildings are strange indeed, what is the age of them?

    • I don’t know anything about those buildings. I have searched for information but came up with nothing.
      I prefer a sandy beach too. Main Beach and Noosa are my favourite beaches.

  5. I could use a little time by the seaside myself – glad you got to enjoy some!

  6. I am not a fan of summer in Italy. Going to the beach helps.

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