Posted by: Debra Kolkka | May 3, 2020

More lockdown

I looked forward to the new lockdown rules which will begin on 4th May.  Some business have been allowed to open, a few more shops will open and bars and restaurants will be able to do takeaways from their door instead of delivering. As of yesterday people are allowed to walk more than 200 metres from their houses. Masks must still be worn whenever we are out.

None of this will make much difference to me. There are no restaurants near me and I have been fortunate enough to be able to walk outside from the beginning as Casa Debbio is remote and surrounded by forest. Our nearest neighbour is a 10 minute walk away.

I will wait patiently for the next announcement of a relaxation of restrictions.

In the meantime the garden has been growing at Casa Debbio. We have had more rain which should move things along.  Peonies are appearing every day.


I love the crowns left behind once the peony flowers are finished.

The wisteria vines are beginning to lose flowers and the leaves are appearing. The flowers have been stunning this year.

There are a few different types of wisteria growing. This one is very pretty.

You can see in this photo that the lavender and rosemary along the driveway are starting to grow.

The plants lower down have already begun to send up flowers.

The driveway up to the house is now lined with leafy trees.

Tiny cherries are growing on the trees.

The weeping cherry is growing daily.

Hydrangea flowers are beginning to appear.

Roses are growing.

Wildflowers are growing on the old dry stone walls.


Ricotta flowers are now creamy white and look like lovely pom-poms.


I love this view from the terrace beside the house.

A snake just like this cruised past me while I was reading the other day. I am not afraid of snakes, but I like them to keep their distance.

Wild animals are still tormenting me. Every morning when I do my tour of the garden I find something eaten, pulled up, sat on or destroyed. Yesterday our tiny black walnut tree which had just grown a couple of leaves was chewed off to the main trunk, just a stick really. I hope it survives. A small animal, probably a fox climbed onto my bed in the garden and left behind a dent in its shape, squashing all beneath it.

The animals are worse this year because there is usually much more activity in the forest around me with walkers and bike riders. Usually by now they have moved further up the mountain to avoid people. Because of lockdown the animals have become more bold and roam my garden at night looking for ways to annoy me.

I picked some flowers today.


I put them behind my kitchen sink to brighten up the dullest of all household jobs.


Stay well and stay home.



  1. Love reading your posts and viewing your gorgeous photos. Beautiful. Stay strong and healthy

    =^..^= Please for give typos Sent from my iPad


    • Thank you. It was a gorgeous day here at Casa Debbio.

  2. What a beautiful place to be locked down in.. I didn’t realize there were snakes there… is that a poisonous one? You certainly got a good shot of him?

    • I didn’t take the photo. I googled to see what kind of snake it was. It is not poisonous. We regularly see snakes. Mostly they are harmless, but vipers are deadly. I have no wish to see one of those.

  3. It’s all so beautiful!!!

    • Our view is breathtaking and the garden is gorgeous in spring when everything is new.

  4. You have the most exquisite garden, Debbie. Sorry about the walnut tree. Hope it survives. xx

    • Thank you. I hope the poor little tree survives. It was a gift from a friend.

  5. What a gorgeous spot you have! The flowers are amazing!

    • Peonies are my favourite flower. I was delighted when I found they grow well here.

  6. Yikes! What kind of snake is that??

    • It is a whip snake. They are harmless, but it was at least a metre long. I am happy it slid quietly past me.

  7. Thank you Debra for sharing with us the stunning beauty of your little slice of heaven. 💗

    • It is a beautiful place to be in lockdown.

  8. We are having similar restrictions in Spain. Let’s hope that things will get better soon.
    Your garden looks great, except for the snake….

    • I hope things get better soon. It is lovely here, but it would be great for everyone if things could start to go back to normal.
      I could do without some of the wildlife.

  9. What a marvellous view from your terrace, and the wisteria were all stunning!

    • The wisteria is beginning to lose flowers. It has been beautiful. Something else will take its place.

      • 😊

      • hi ayush kappor

  10. Your garden is spectacular, Deb. Love all your photos.

    • The garden is looking great now. I am happy to be here every day to enjoy it.

  11. Excited to see the ricotta flowers. And such a beautiful kitchen window treatment.

    • The ricotta flowers last quite a long time. The bushes have become too big and will have to be cut back once they have finished flowering…pity.

  12. That is such a joyful posy of flowers…and right from your garden. Beautiful.

    • There will be lots more roses soon. I love my garden.

  13. What a gorgeous property! The next time im near by. Im coming over! Or can i come be in lockdown with you right now?
    I cant really complain because in in my beautiful home on Kauai!
    I have a plan actually to be in italy in September – if this virus sorts itself out by then. Im going to rent a car and visit the tuscany area hot springs. Did that a few years back and it was so fun!

    • The only other place I would like to be besides here is a beach with surf. I grew up at the Gold Coast in Australia and I love the beach.
      If you mean Saturnia I love it too. We have been a few times and were planning to go again this spring. I also want to be back in autumn.

  14. Debrah, thank you so much for sharing the beauty of nature you are surrounded with.

    • I am very lucky to be here for lockdown.

  15. Deb We are so so jealous of your beautiful garden. Love the peonies which we cannot grow here also the wisteria.I imagine autumn would also be spectacular. Just to be able to walk in your beautiful garden would make the situation easier. Didnt like the snake couldnt look! It will be good soon.

    • Autumn is lovely here when the trees change colour, but spring is hard to beat.

  16. Glad to hear all is going well did you and the garden is divine. Love the peonies and wisteria. Great to read your post.

    • The wisteria flowers are almost finished, but the herbaceous peonies are just starting. I love it.

  17. Sorry Deb. I meant to say we cannot grow peonies here, but we certainly can successfully grow wisteria. Ours nearly overtook the house. Love your garden

    • I love wisteria. It grows well here. We keep it well trimmed as I know it can get too big.

  18. Debi have you thought about an electric fence around garden. it wouldn’t have to go round whole of property just where u need it. Very effective and not costly.

    • The area is too big and it would need to be high to stop deer jumping over it. We just have to put up with the animals. This year is worse than usual because there is much less activity in the forests because of the lockdown. Wild boar are even wandering into the village.

  19. Wow your garden is gorgeous!!

    • We started the garden from scratch 7 years ago. The whole property was covered in brambles and acacia. We are happy with the progress. It has been great to see it grow thus spring.

  20. I love your beautiful garden except for the snake which I have been afraid since childhood. I rushed passed that photo because it is hard for me to look at that on photos or TV.

    • I am not afraid of snakes. I prefer to keep my distance, but they don’t bother me. We also have lots of tiny lizards which are fun to watch.

  21. Such a lovely tour of your garden. I love the fresh spring green – and every thing else.

    • It is glorious here in spring. The transformation from the winter landscape is incredible.

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  23. I hate COVID_19

    • We all do!

    • yeah, me to.

  24. Wow, thanks for sharing these amazing pictures.

    • Thank you for reading and commenting.

  25. I envy your beautiful flowers. We are supposed to have a freeze here in Indiana. I am taking all my plants inside for the next couple of days. Love your column.

    • We had a cold, wet May here in Italy last year. It set the garden back weeks. This year we have had almost no rain…another problem.

  26. You have such a lovely home & a breathtaking garden! It seems like such a great place to relax. Now, about that snake… that is a long snake. Is it poisonous? I would have fainted! I hope things get back to normal soon, then the animals will go up the mountain again. <3

    • Thank you, my garden is especially lovely in spring. The snake is not dangerous. One like it likes to sun itself on one of my rock walls. They usually take off if you get close.

  27. COVID-19 sucks.

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