Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 23, 2020

Who will buy these pretty things?

Today there was lovely sunshine, but with it came a fierce, cold wind. The wind is blowing the blossoms from the weeping cherry. Soon the leaves will come and it will be pretty in a different way.

Because I didn’t spend much time outside today I went through some photos I took in Florence recently. The shop windows were full of spring fashion. Here is a selection of my favourites.





There are some gorgeous things, but who will buy them now that the shops are closed and there is nowhere to go to wear them? These big players will survive, but I worry for small businesses who may not cope well with this shut down.

Not all of the fashion appealed to me. I am wondering who would buy these unattractive sandals…ever.

Neptune’s fountain in Piazza della Signoria has been covered with scaffolding for cleaning for sometime. It was great to see it looking almost brand new.

Lunch today came from a recipe by Not Quite Nigella, an excellent blog I follow. I had a jar of green curry paste I brought from Australia and I found coconut milk at the local supermarket. I improvised on some of the ingredients and my green curry chicken meatballs came out very well.

It was warm enough at midday to eat outside. Lunch with a view.

The cold wind is due to persist for a few days, so there will be lots of sitting by the fire. I will still do my regular garden tours to see what is going to bloom next. The forsythia and ginestra are not far off and some wild flowers are close. All but 3 of my peonies have appeared. I have about 70, not including the 9 babies I found growing from seed. Filippo jokingly says they will take over the garden. I wouldn’t mind at all.




  1. A little cooler here today as well. We feel relatively safe out here on Lamb Island. Bit tricky for groceries as we have to use the ferry, but the crew are doing their best with sanitation. Best to sit out the back in the wind and fresh air. Thinking of you.

    • Stay safe! I try to go to the supermarket as little as possible. I think it is. Set to stay as isolated as seems we are both in good places right now.

  2. Lovely clothes. But, as you rightly said, is anyone going to wear them right now? Love that light blue blouse!

    • The blouse is Alberta Ferretti. Fashion shopping is not top of anyone’s list right now. It may be a while before it is.

  3. The curry looked tasty, the view even more so!! Can’t say I’m going to dash out and buy any of the fashion but it was an interesting diversion!!!
    The weeping cherry is sublime xx

    • The blossoms on the cherry tree are blowing away now with this wind.

  4. Lovely post Debra especially all that gorgeous fashion – stay safe

    • I am really happy I went to Florence a few weeks ago…my last trip out.

  5. Morning to you Deb. Gorgeous post love the garden & the lunch pictures, but have to post your fashion images on istylefashion if that’s ok. Must share as we usually do when you arrive in Florence in the early spring. The best post pretty and inspiring. Thanks🙏

    • There were some pretty things in the windows. I hope someone gets to wear them.

  6. Beautiful cherry blossom, Debra. Some of those clothes are very elegant. I especially love the pale blue blouse. I really hope that this terrible pandemic will pass soon. So sorry for all the deaths in your country.

    • I also hope this virus is over soon. The whole world will be affected.

  7. Stay warm and enjoy the view.

    • Freezing again today…another day by the fire.

  8. Love the weeping cherry trees they look beautiful. The fashions are fabulous but where will we wear them. I liked the rope sandals but dont think I could wear them Your lunch looks fabulous – would like to join you and enjoy the fabulous view.♥️

    • The view and my garden are making this lockdown OK.

  9. The blossoms are stunning. Thank you for trying the green curry meatballs. Stay safe and healthy 🙂

    • Thank you for the recipe!

  10. Lunch with a view – lucky you! Love the weeping cherry blooms. I liked the pretty black -spotted top in the window.

  11. I love this post! It’s a little bit of a LOT. The weeping cherry, thank G, does not want one to weep; but rejoice. I find it so interesting that the blooms come first; beauty before,…then a different kind of beauty. Daffs, crocuses and snowdrops out here always way behind your rapid growth. I find your Florence trip photos, fashions for Spring/Summer such a great form of entertainment and beauty…how few people get to see, enjoy and drool over the mere creative imagination that goes into ALL of it. Its bring Joy and glamour all rolled into one…plus a dash of absurdity. This post, one week later, is as fresh as it was on the 23rd. More Grazie.

    • I am very happy I went to Florence when I did. I wonder when I will be back.

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