Posted by: Debra Kolkka | January 16, 2020

My Pop Up continues

I have been reluctant to write new posts on my blog while the terrible fires raged in Australia. It seems frivolous to be writing about roaming around Italy as my country burns.

The situation is still dire, but the firefighters, emergency workers, army and navy, wildlife rescuers and volunteers have been doing an excellent job saving homes and lives. Rain is falling in some of the fire areas and with a lot of work by many people life will go on. It will never be the same for those affected, but it will go on.

We have been giving regularly to the Rural Fire Service for years and will continue to do so long after this crisis is over.

While watching the events unfold I have been busy sewing for my Pop Up. I have just a few weeks left now until I return to Italy where different things occupy my days.

I have been sewing since I was a child and I like to make things. Having an outlet to sell them is excellent and I thank my good friend Savva for allowing me to use his shop, where he does made to measure and alterations, to display my wares.


I use natural fabrics, cotton and linen, to create wearable, cool clothing, suitable for our ridiculously hot summers. My biggest seller this summer has been a short jumpsuit. There are still some left…come on in!

I have been gathering fabric wherever I go for years and continue to find treasures lurking in my workroom waiting for the right moment to be turned into something.

The shop is open every Saturday from 10.00 – 2.00 and I am there. Lately I have been in the shop a few other mornings as well. At other times feel free to ring the doorbell. Savva is busy at the back creating, but will happily open the door for you.


239 Boundary St, (Cnr Corbett St)

West End.





  1. As a friend and customer I want to say congratulations Deb on your Pop Up Store, at SARVA, West End. Always lovely fresh items, divine little dresses, shorts, playsuits, skirts and those adorable linen off shoulder blouses.
    We love your enthusiasm for natural fibres and and talent for creating wearable summer pieces, perfect for our lifestyle – and any summer anywhere in the world.

    • Thanks Di…lovely words.

  2. I so want to visit but I’m working 2 jobs atm to get funds for my return to Lucca in March!

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    • Lucca in March is an excellent goal! My clothes are very reasonably priced, but I would not want to get in the way of travel.

  3. Tragedies abound around the world – I wanted to acknowledge the strength and bravery of the residents of your country; we have the darkness and sadness of losing so many Canadians in the air crash. Life does go on; as you point out; the Joy of your hand crafted garments, that you love create, will surely lift the spirits of your readers AND your fortunate customers. Kind regards; wishes for healing world wide.

    • Thank you for your thoughts. The world can be a sad and frightening place sometimes, but we need to make the most of every day.

  4. Hi Debra,
    I just love your fabric choices. They are so fresh and lovely.
    We’ll be back in Lucca at the end of February until mid April. Hope we’ll have a chance to raise a glass together.
    Until then, our thoughts are with Australians during this heartbreaking time. Living in an area heavily impacted by fires in 2017 and 2019, we know firsthand about the devastating effects. But I appreciate your sentiment that although live will not be the same, for survivors, it will go on. In the meantime, keep on blogging!! Some degrees of normalcy are helpful.

    • Thank you. I will be in Bagni di Lucca from the end of February until mid June. I hope we can catch up in Lucca.

  5. As usual, beautiful fabrics and simple, yet elegant clothes which are timeless. A pity we are so far away!

    • …a world apart. I hope all is OK with you.

  6. Yes! It has been a dreadful time for our poor old Oz. It’s the animals I feel so badly for… just too horrid to contemplate. There are a number of very worthy charities doing their very best to help and to repair the environment for the future.

    Your creations look amazing and the attention to detail is sublime.
    Well done dear friend. Jxx

    • This rain will help, but we have a long way to go. Years and years of sewing practice have paid off!

  7. Simply beautiful designs beautifully made. My favourite go to gear for many different occasions. Thanks Debra

    • Thank you! You wear my clothes very well…very stylish.

  8. The images from Australia are simply heartbreaking… no words really…
    I’m glad you are creating lovely things to share – love your fabrics.

    • The fires have been horrible. Now it is raining and some areas are flooding, but at least most of the fires are out. It is a difficult time but it will get better!

  9. It was great to catch up with you Debra and I LOOOVE my Apple green top, it is perfect. Hope to see you again before you return to Bagni Di Lucca

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